Special: Dating the Messenger Paperback

Last Updated September 18th, 2013
Special: Dating the Messenger Paperback

Dating the Messenger - Paperback Book Edition

Great New Book Girls and Guys! Dating The Messenger: The Untold Story Of A Clairvoyant

Buy Now Dating the MessengerAustralian authors K and Dr Michael Taylor, M.D. have co-authored their debut novel, Dating the Messenger: The Untold Story of a Clairvoyant. It is a fascinating true story and in-depth look into the intimate life of a psychic. It covers diverse topics such as: psychic readings, romance, online dating, spirituality, intuitive guidance, sexuality, suicide, morals, ghosts, God, and finding true love. You can listen as K talks about Dating the Messenger here.



Why not immerse yourself in the amazing novel and true story of K, a Queensland clairvoyant in this Paperback Book Edition of Dating the Messenger: The Untold Story of a Clairvoyant?

You might realize K's dramatic story of the behind-the-scenes personal life of being psychic from a young age reveals what it is really like to be different in society, how K avoided being different, and how God made her accept and love being different. You may realize K's true story is quite like your own.

Praise and Comments for Dating the Messenger: The Untold Story of a Clairvoyant

"This is a truly inspiring book one that we should all read to understand the ups and downs of love, life and friendships." - Lisa Williams, Internationally Acclaimed Medium and Clairvoyant

Through her astounding clairvoyant psychic readings and personal life, K with transparent honesty shares how Spirit guided K and her clients to a better life. The true story looks at society and what is wrong with society, what is needed for the self, and the importance of following one's guidance. The book helps readers know and love their own uniqueness, just as K discovered on her journey to find the man that Spirit promised. K's intriguing tale of online dating will have you laughing and crying as you meet the 'animals' in her life. You may know some of these animals already in your own life.

Helping others find love was easy. Following her personal love guidance was difficult.

K's heart-warming story in this revealing book provides hope for those in search of true love and emphasizes the importance of self-discovery, embracing one's differences to realizing one's potential, while maintaining key values and following one's guidance.

Don't believe in clairvoyants and psychics? Read for yourself. You can read some of our many Connect with Spirit Client Testimonials. Actually, we have found that after many, including psychic nonbelievers, have read K's true story, they were not only open to K's unique perspective on life, the afterlife, death and dying,  what it is like to be different, to love oneself, and live a great life with the Holy Spirit, that they too can openly embrace and express their own uniqueness and spiritual understanding.

Now you can get a signed personal copy of Dating the Messenger: The Untold Story of a Clairvoyant Paperback Book Edition.

Order your signed copy or Ebook edition at DatingtheMessenger.com

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If you do not desire a signed copy of Dating the Messenger, then please consider Kindle or an online retailer like Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, among others. Or, you might like to read it on your computer or portable electronic device with the soon to be released Dating the Messenger Digital Edition PDF, (KINDLE) MOBI or EPUB version of Dating the Messenger

I would like to know how much your book is. The offer was Christmas Special for $20, does this still apply. I live in Australia. Thank you Wendy Gauci

We have continued the Christmas special offer into the new year 2012. It is still only $20 for the Australians.K

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Special: Dating the Messenger Paperback

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