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Last Updated January 27th, 2012

Comments and Praise for Dating the Messenger

Below are comments and praise that are coming in praise of our new book, Dating the Messenger: The Untold Story of a Clairvoyant.

Lisa Williams, Internationally Acclaimed Medium and Clairvoyant

"This is a truly inspiring book one that we should all read to understand the ups and downs of love, life and friendships."

Dating the Messenger book by Authors K & Dr. Michael

Immerse yourself in the amazing true stories of K, a Queensland clairvoyant, and realise her dramatic book is about most who are different. K intimately shares how Spirit guides K and her clients to a better life by looking at what is wrong with society, what is needed for the self, and the importance of following one's guidance. The book helps readers know and love their own uniqueness as K discovered on her journey to find the man that Spirit promised. K's intriguing tale of online dating will have you laughing and crying as you meet the 'animals' in her life.

$24.95 RRP (Paperback) and $19.95 RRP (Digital Edition Ebook) available from our bookstore.

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"What a gift this book is ... I could not put it down. I read it from beginning to end. I was so fascinated with it ... After that many frogs, I am glad to know you found your prince."

Praise from Kate, QLD
"The end of Chapter One came way too fast."

Comments from Helen, QLD
"What a page turner. It is so beautifully written, a warts and all look at your life. Wow what a life! It makes me just want to give you a big hug and tell you how blessed you are."

Praise from Madonna, QLD
"OMG, you have written about my life too. It is as if you knew me, K. Thank you. I now know who I am also, 'a clairvoyant' just like you. When can you teach me to be all that I can be?"

Praise from AJ, NSW
"OMG, love it ... I think it is something that everyone should read - might "fix" a lot of the sceptics out there."

Comments from Tesh, QLD
"Just finished reading your book ... Unreal! Congratulations."

Praise from Kay, NSW
"Thank you K. You have changed my life. Your character the ROOSTER stood out the most to me. I realised I am just like the rooster. Today, I have made a decision to change my ways."

Praise from S.M., U.K.
"I have just finished reading your book and loved it!  Looking forward to your next one now."

Comments from Kathy, QLD
"When I read the bit about the attempted suicide, I laughed and laughed and laughed. What a story! Thank you, now I can laugh at my own attempt and I feel I can share my story with others and consider myself to be healed. You have guts in what you have written. Thank you."

Praise from M.L., NSW
"Just read about the Rhino in your book. So glad that I am not a woman."

Praise from Ben, VIC
"I have just finished reading your book..and yes, I have thought many times "oh my God - has she really gone through all of this and WHY??" It is definitely a challenging book with lots to learn and understand. I must admit sometimes I got pretty frustrated reading and feeling for you! All in all it is a wonderfully written book, thanks for putting it in to the world."

Comments from Annette, Switzerland
"Thank you for writing this, I know it must have been difficult at times to write certain sections. You have given me so much inspiration. You know me and my past has been similar in many ways; you knew I would get a lot out of reading your book, and I have."

Praise from Amanda, Gold Coast
"Ohh, I LOVE your book!!!!!"

Praise from Lisa, Brisbane

K what a brave and extroadinary woman you are, your story is one of truth and inspiration to those of us that feel lost at times on this spiritual journey. You brought to the surface many memories that I had conveniently burried away about men that I had decided to get involved with and how I had allowed them to control me because I had no self worth for so many years. Thank you for being so candid and for allowing us readers to be able to hear and see your deepest thoughts about spirit and how you communicate with them, for those of us who do believe you are a guiding light with so much love in your heart, I look forward to meeting you and your special man soon.Morwenna Carne

Thank you, Morewenna. I look forward to meeting you one day too.K

It is the first book that I have read in some time. I really enjoyed the book and I believed that I was guided by spirit to the book so that I would make an appointment with K. I am nervous and excited about the journey that the book has started and reignited within me. Thank you K for having the courage to write your story and share it with the world it has helped me take another step forward. Leanne Lohmann

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