Who's Taking Care Of You?

Last Updated July 15th, 2013

Who’s Taking Care Of You?










& Dr. Michael Taylor

Life can get so busy at times with work, family, chores, yard work, shopping, etc.  Stress can certainly build up over time and leave you feeling lethargic and unsettled.  Being responsible is certainly necessary in order to maintain the children, household, and job, but are you remembering to take care of yourself?  If most of your time is spent taking care of duties and other people, who is taking care of you?

Self-care is extremely important. Not taking care of yourself week after week, month after month, and year after year can lead to burnout and/or a breakdown of some sort.  Self-care is simply taking care of yourself mentally, physically, and spiritually.  It does not require an abundance of time, but it does take effort and a commitment.

You are worthy of being in tip top shape every which way, so do yourself the highest honor and take care of yourself first.  As you do, you will be even more capable of taking care of others and most likely with a cheery disposition.

The following tips will help you out. I give you full permission to lavish self-care and love yourself first from this day forward.

  1. Meditate/Pray. I cannot emphasize enough the power meditation or prayer has upon one’s life.  Even ten minutes per day will suffice to wash away built up stress and calm anxious nerves.  It will also help you connect and stay connected to Spirit and from there you will feel more creative, free, and loving throughout your days.
  2. Make personal and spiritual development a priority. Take some time each day to invest in you. Read an encouraging or motivational book.  Listen to an inspiring audio CD.  Go to a seminar or join a webinar.  Make the effort to keep positive things before you on a consistent basis and as you do, you will tend to have a more positive perspective throughout your days.
  3. Take regular naps. Power naps can do wonders at recharging your battery and giving you added energy for your duties.  If it is possible, take time regularly for a 15 to 30 minute power nap.
  4. Take a walk.  Brisk walking gets your heart pumping and your oxygen level soaring, which is fabulous for taking care of yourself.  Walking also triggers the release of endorphins, or as some call “happy chemicals” that give you a sense of well-being.  Get out on a regular basis and take a short, brisk walk. Breathe deep that fresh air and clear your mind of worries and concerns. Enjoy the smells and views of nature as you walk.  It’s almost guaranteed you’ll feel better!
  5. Do one thing each day that you love. I understand that you have a lot of responsibilities and it seems like there is zero time for you to do anything fun, but I assure you that you can probably find a little time each day to do something that you love.  Play the piano, pet the cat, play a game with the children, blare your favorite song, paint a picture, write a poem, read a thrilling novel, watch your favorite show, grab a Starbucks latte, make love to your spouse, etc. Discover what you love and carve out little pieces of time and just do it!
  6. Feed your body well. Taking care of yourself includes making sure that your body gets the nutrients it needs for optimal performance. Do you skip breakfast or lunch? Do you eat too much junk food?  Are you so tired in the evening that you slide by the fast food joint more often than you’d like?  Feed your body well.  Purchase some good vitamins and take them daily.  Make a commitment to ingesting food that your cells will thank you for and drink plenty of water as well.  You will feel better mentally and physically as you do so.

You’re worthy of love from others, but also from yourself. By taking care of yourself, you are acknowledging that you are worthy and you deserve to be vibrant in every possible way.  I give you permission to love yourself and love yourself abundantly!

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