K talks about Dating the Messenger: The Untold Story of a Clairvoyant

Last Updated December 14th, 2010

K describes her moving story in the new book by spiritual authors and clairvoyants, K and Dr. Michael, called 'Dating the Messenger: The Untold Story of a Clairvoyant.

Immerse yourself in the amazing true story of K, a Queensland clairvoyant, and realise her dramatic story is like most who are different. K intimately shares how Spirit guides K and her clients to a better life by looking at what is wrong with society, what is needed for the self, and the importance of following one's guidance. The book helps readers know and love their own uniqueness as K discovered on her journey to find the man that Spirit promised. K's intriguing tale of Internet dating will have you laughing and crying as you meet the 'animals' in her life.
$24.95 RRP (Paperback) and $19.95 RRP (Digital Edition Ebook) available from our store.

Dearest K.,

I have just finished reading your book..and yes, I have thought many times "oh my God- has she really gone through all of this and WHY??" It is definitely a challenging book with lots to learn and understand..I must admit sometimes I got pretty frustrated reading..and feeling for you!
All in all it is a wonderfully written book, thanks for putting it in to the world. I am so glad, that you no longer have to put yourself through this dating "stuff" and are with your "true love"!!!
Many blessings to both of you and my love be your companion for the rest of your life!
AnnetteAnnette _

Thank you for your kind words, Annette. We do hope you will help spread the word of what Spirit has written through us. Blessings to you always, KK

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