Thornlands Clinical Hypnotherapist Available

Last Updated December 6th, 2013
Thornlands Clinical Hypnotherapist Available

Thornlands Clinical Hypnotherapist is Available

Thornlands Clinical Hypnotherapist Annelie Peusschers Can Help You

Thornlands Clinical Hypnotherapist is available to help you with eliminating fear anxiety and stress, to conquer unwanted or bad habits such as smoking, nail biting, or addictions, lose weight, control or manage pain, past life regressions, promote rapid healing, surgery without drugs,  etc.




The beautiful Annelie helped get K overf her secret chocolate addiction and she can help you too! She will be available for appointments as a clinical hypnotherapist on Mondays and Saturdays at our centre, the Sanctuary in Thornlands. For more information about how she can help you go to

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