The Power of Positive Thinking

Last Updated June 27th, 2013

The Power of Positive Thinking

and Dr. Michael Taylor

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Perhaps you’ve wondered why success comes easily for some people and not so easily for others - even if they’ve put in the same amount of effort. The answer is quite simple, as a majority of time it has to do with the way each person is thinking. One could be living a life filled with positive thinking and the other could be plagued with doubts and negative thinking. Successful people tend to have one common characteristic – they believe that they will certainly be successful and they are confident of this fact when they set out their goals.

To become a person who spends the majority of time entertaining positive thoughts in your effort to attain success, heed the following tips:

1.  Feed your mind with positive thoughts.

Focus on positive and encouraging statements, such as: I can accomplish whatever I set my mind on. I am well able to set the necessary goals and take the necessary steps toward achieving them.

2.  Be persistent.

Changing your mindset from negative to positive thinking does not occur overnight. It takes persistence and steady practice to control and regulate your thoughts towards positive thinking.

3.  Be objective rather than subjective.

Try to become an observer of your thoughts or your situation. See the situation or problem from a point of neutrality and you will be able to imbibe more positive thoughts about the situation.

4.  Reframe your thoughts.

Whenever you get a negative thought in your mind, such as : I am never going to be successful, I can never get my promotion, and so on – Just try reframing such thoughts with alternate ones, such as, What can I do to get the promotion?

5.  Start questioning yourself.

Ask questions such as:

What brought about this thought? What would be a better way of handling the situation? How can I overcome this challenge?

6.  Say ‘stop’.

You can even try saying, “Stop!” loudly when you are filled with negative thoughts. Use gentle ways of disciplining yourself when you feel you are not performing up to the mark. Don’t make self limiting statements about yourself.

7.  Be disciplined.

Try to remain motivated and remain disciplined by sticking to regimens and chores to avoid laziness or procrastination of duties. Discipline is extremely valuable to those who are successful.

8.  Praise yourself.

Instead of constantly criticizing yourself, praise yourself and treat yourself with compassion and kindness. Say encouraging and supportive words. The old saying, “You are what you think”, really does hold true.

9.  Live in the present.

You must try to stop thinking about what might have been or about the future. Live in the present and think of the many things that need to be accomplished today.

10.  Confront your worst fears.

Fears tend to take control over our lives. You may be afraid to take any chances due to fears or insecurity. Confront and face them with positive thoughts and ask yourself, What am I afraid of? What could possibly happen that could be so catastrophic?

Replacing negative thoughts with positive thoughts will not happen overnight, but it will happen. Recognize negativity and commit to retrain your brain to think more positive. It takes persistence and patience, but following the above tips will surely provide you with success and an improved quality of life.


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