The Power of Hope and Faith

Last Updated July 7th, 2013
The Power of Hope and Faith

H.O.P.E. = Habitual Optimism Provides Evidence

F.A.I.T.H. = Freedom Appears Immediately Through Harmony

Hope is the most powerful spiritual force you can multiply or unleash. Hope is the foundation of Faith. No living thing can escape using the power of Hope or Faith. When you stand strong in both Hope and Faith there is no stopping you. Seriously, we wish to encourage you to trust your spiritual connection to your Divine Creator, your birthright as a Creator. No matter what you are facing, every situation can be healed, changed, improved or enlarged. Being victorious in every part of your life is easy when you remember to continually be thankful for your blessings and to bless others in the process. One's thankful victories come from Hope and Faith in the outcome, PRIOR to receiving the outcome. All use these forces (usually without their awareness).

Hope and Faith image 2Preacher Joyce Meyer says, "Divine intervention comes from Divine expectations." That is, when you stand in Faith and with great Hope that your life will be overflowing with many things, better health, richness, safety, love... then so it is and so it shall be. You may realize all of this and more, yet some will use his or her past experiences and feel that wishing for something does not necessarily make it so. Why? It is simply that 'empty thoughts' achieve nothing. Empty thoughts are words that devoid of emotion, and it is the creative power of our intense emotion that charges our thoughts to rise up from the emptiness and become realised. Furthermore, there is simply no substitute for action. 'Conscious co-creation' requires action. Action is applied thought to achieve an end. It has been said that, "if you want a different life then you must do something different each day" to have it become different. Those who would have Faith in better health must also do different things (different to what they have already done) to achieve better health, there is no other way. Those who would choose to wait on the Divine for their intervention will only achieve rest not intervention. Action is not rest... rest achieves peace not results. The Creator sees our actions, in addition to our thoughts, Hope and Faith, and our Divine expectations. The Creator acts with us not against us when He requires that we do what we can to help ourselves while we wait on the Divine to bring about the rest.

Please call on God's Divine help and have the Divine expectation of Faith that you have been heard. Use the Masters, the Angels, the Spirit guides for extra help every day. Meditate as much as you can. Speak your truths. Know that you are loved by us for all that you are, do and have with others. We have Hope that you have heard our words and our Faith is that you will take Divinely guided action for your highest good and the good of those around you. Remember, with the POWER of HOPE and FAITH, the only difference between good day and a God day is... 'o'.

Remove the 'o', from your life and thoughts - stop wondering and have a God day.

Hope and Faith picture3© (c) 2011. Connect with Spirit Pty. Ltd. All rights reserved. The Power of Hope and Faith.

I loove your site! It is filled w/ inspiration, motivation, positive thought, and all things good!! Thank You for being here and for sharing your amazing, helpful wisdom : )
~LindaLinda Kennedy

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