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Last Updated September 8th, 2011
The New Entrepreneur

The New Entrepreneur







Is your job perfect for you? What else could you do if you did not have the job you are doing now? In our ever-changing world, 'fast-fast-fast' is our pace. Are you keeping up, running ahead or falling behind? Spirit directs us to share with all, so that we 'work smarter, not harder' - please understand that Spirit wishes all to apply corrective actions to remedy what is happening with lack of alignment in all people not just spiritual people.

All Need To Think Like Entrepreneurs

Now, if you had the perfect job what would it be? What is your passion? What fills you up in everyday life? Can you make a living from doing that? After all, someone in the world is making a living right now doing what you love and are passionate about, but are you? Well, when you answer these questions you can begin to think outside of the box, your box of limitations, so that life can take on a whole new meaning. Spirit tells all there is money to be made! Spirit knows they don't have money concerns in the heavens, and more importantly that many do have money issues and it is a very real concern for all. Spirit brings up the topic because so many are claiming bankruptcy and acting poor. If you are one of them, then you have a 'poor' (or a 'poor me') mindset, that's all. It is not just the younger generation that is running away from responsibilities and starting things that they never should have taken on in the first place. The good news is... you can change your mindset.

The New Entrepreneur Works Smarter Not Harder

The New World Era of change, from 2012 on, is about the New Entrepreneur and requires all, including and especially the spiritual people to think like one. Everywhere you go, businesses are closing or starting and the Internet is viral. With so many quick and easy way to make money without ever leaving your home, it is high time for many to stop their former jobs/careers and begin the new. Of course, there are many niches to fill online and elsewhere. All societies needs local help everywhere, such as market gardeners, daycare facilities, personal care services, etc. Can you cook or sew? Do you have a great idea or perhaps a book that needs to be written? Join the next generation of New Entrepreneurs. Whatever skills you have, resurrect or can develop it is time to capitalize on them and make money from them. You are the designer - create something that someone else wants/needs/desires and/or solve a problem for them, and simply allow the process to unfold with ease. Pull that great idea you had down from off the shelf, dust it off, resource your needs and get started today - it is time to get moving.

Begin Your New Projects Today

Of course, as our news frequently reminds us that the economy is in a recessive slump, Spirit says for us to not give in to fear. Instead, create your way out of hardships and layoffs and develop more of what you need and fill the voids that surround you with your products and services. So many people can do other things that could bring a great change in their lifestyle and way of life - all for the better! Now is the time to jumpstart your thinking about what you should be doing. If we went back in time to the 'old days' with no electricity, no television, no Internet, no phones, no cars... what would an individual and their families do to make money for themselves - not just to survive, but really thrive! Thomas Edison, inventor of the electric light bulb once said, 'There is no substitute for hard work!' Remember, pooling resources, filling an niche and solving local problems are what big business continually teaches small businesses. It is about working smarter, not harder. Get together today with your people, your team, your family, your locals and discuss this situation. Surely you can come together and create a New Entrepreneur, at least one in every family - one who works with ease, with pleasure doing something that you love and what you are perfectly suited doing. Spirit thinks you can... and so do we.

Blessings, K & Dr. Michael

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