Spirit's Gratitude Prayer | Archangel Gabriel

Last Updated June 27th, 2013
Spirit's Gratitude Prayer | Archangel Gabriel

Spirit's Gratitude Prayer by Archangel Gabriel

Spirit's Gratitude Prayer by Archangel Gabriel

You Can Download and Print Spirit's Gratitude Prayer PDF for FREE. Proclaim grace in your life today!

What are you grateful for right now? Better yet, you should be asking the question, "What could I be grateful for right now?" Instead of focusing on your problems, focus on what you are grateful for...

Spirit's Gratitude Prayer by Archangel Gabriel PDF


Why Should You Be Grateful? Or is it... Great-Full!

You should be grateful because you are in alignment with your truths. When you are fully in alignment with your truths, then you are in harmony with you. And, when you are vibrating to love and harmony, from a manifesting standpoint, you are not resisting your experience. When you are no longer resisting experience, you have more joy because you have stopped attracting the previous bad vibrations you used to create. Then, others experience you as being great to be around.

An Easy Way to Feel Great

We are always provided with messages to share with you for personal growth. The Holy Spirit lovingly has advice about how we should be living our lives and how we can grow with our rapidly changing cultures. You can find other messages here, such as our most recognised and widely used prayer, Spirit's Invocation Prayer available for purchase as a beautiful bookmark. Now Spirit has provided another - a Prayer by Archangel Gabriel that we believe you will enjoy! ABSOLUTELY FREE.

What Else Can You Be Grateful For, Right Now?

Get in the habit of being grateful. This download is being made available for all in the form of a PDF, Archangel Gabriel - Gratitude Prayer. It can be used for daily gratitude; as a prayer of gratitude and blessing; as a way to improve and enhance one's perspective on life; as a way to acknowledge the Divine presence of God; to accept that God and the Holy Spirit are actively present and participating in your life; as a way to assert and to proclaim grace into ordinary everyday living; as a way to work with Archangel Gabriel; as a way to praise God and show gratitude for God, the Source of all blessings; and, to be used as a reminder that all serve God - that there is beauty all around us and through appreciating beauty we know love, and to offer God praise for His works.

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Want to know what a real angel looks like? Angel Photo by Dr Michael

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