Spirit Can Heal You

Last Updated July 15th, 2013

Spirit Can Heal You

Spirit Can Heal You

and Dr. Michael Taylor

You’ve been created by a loving Spirit that really does care about your well being mentally, physically, and spiritually. When you struggle with illness, mental confusion, emotional baggage, etc., Spirit longs for you to know that healing is available to you as you align with the all-powerful, loving, healing energy that is fully omnipresent.

Much of the time when illness strikes the body, it is due to chronic stress, emotional overload, and other imbalances that block the ability for Spirit to flow freely. Many physicians assert that common illnesses such as migraines, ulcers, hypertension, and chronic pain are directly associated with prolonged stress and chronic negative thoughts. Negative thoughts essentially trap destructive energy inside the body and eventually that negative energy can have adverse effects on it.

As you go through life it is normal to encounter all sorts of situations that can allow negativity to spread through the body and spirit. Emotions like frustration, disappointment, guilt, anger, and so on can bring a great deal of pain to one’s life. There are masses of men and women who end up in a therapist’s office stating that their spirit is wounded and they have no clue how to feel better. What they seek is healing.

How to heal the spirit

If you are feeling damaged, wounded, or broken, there is hope for you. The first thing you must do is simply ask for healing. Spirit adores you and wants you to feel loved with an extravagant love. No matter what has happened, no matter what is going on in life, and no matter what you are facing, know that spiritually speaking, all is well. All that has to occur is an alignment of your spirit with the Divine Spirit and the instant that happens, your spirit will begin to receive such love, nourishment, and wonderful healing.

Keep in mind that asking for help releases you of unnecessary pressure that you place on yourself. It puts you in a state of expectation, as you have faith that your requests will be heard and answered by a loving and giving God. Ask, believe, and then you will receive the healing that you need.

Shhhh. Be quiet.

Take time daily to enter into peacefulness, contemplation and relaxation. Many people who have received healing declare that meditation was the key that manifested their healing. It is this quiet time that a divine exchange occurs in a significant way with Spirit. Negative energy can be replaced with positive, healing energy. A shift from a negative perspective to a positive perspective can occur, and a feeling of divine love can envelop you.

Have you ever been in a negative mood and a baby or child loved on you and all of a sudden your mood lifted? That pure, extreme love of a child created that shift as you embraced it. In the same way, when you take quiet time to embrace God’s love, your mood and physical state can certainly change for the better. Take as much time as you can each day for quiet time.  Hold your purpose in your heart to connect to Spirit in this way and you will notice positive changes from the inside out.

Pain and crisis can be a superb catalyst for contemplation and transformation. Instead of staying in negative emotional or physical states, allow the pain to draw you inward and toward Spirit. As you do so, you open the door for healing and insight to come. You may be directed to a certain doctor or spiritual counselor, you may have an “aha” moment that motivates you to make some changes in your life, divine inspiration can flow, and miracles can simply manifest.

As you come to understand that healing is available to you, you will be able to more fully receive love from Spirit and love yourself more. From there you will be able to love and serve others more fully and joyfully. You inner healing will certainly radiate out from you to the world and that my friends, is priceless.

Experience A Healing with Spirit

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Read Wayne Dyer's comments about Dr. Michael's amazing healings.

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