Special Spirit Audio Message for Healers

Last Updated November 14th, 2011
Special Spirit Audio Message for Healers

Special Spirit Audio Message for Healers

Enlarge the you skills you have, use your symbols and ... deposit a daily seed of love and healing.


I am interested in your free audio for healers pleaseGloria White

Hi there,
Please tell me how I can listen to your Blogs/news.
EvelynEvelyn Hartmann

There is an audio player on this page. Plus, our iTunes podcast is available at http://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/connect-with-spirit/id469350750.K

OMG... I am not a healer, but have a great affinity to it... will be having discussions with my friends about this and love your suggestion K of the clear nail polish!! will be doing this on Friday and the weekend.... outstanding!!! much love... Ferne xxxFerne

Spirit taught me this many years ago. I walk in Christ's shoes daily.K

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History, I see has repeated itself… different times, different scenes, different life. I am here to tell you some good old-fashioned qualities is what you need.

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