Medical Intuitive Healer Dr. Michael Plays the Didgeridoo

Last Updated June 27th, 2013

Connect with Spirit's Dr. Michael, Medical Intuitive, Spiritual Author, Reiki Master and Healer plays the didgeridoo live. Dr. Michael uses the didgeridoo as a vibrational healing tool in his healing sessions and as part of the Connect with Spirit meditation circles, workshops and retreats. If you listen carefully you will hear Dr. Michael is channeling an aboriginal man who is speaking through the didgeridoo.

How wonderful to see and hear you both through this medium. I have had the privilege of hearing you play that didgeridoo. You were meant to have come to Australia, as you have your links here.
The Aboriginal Elders have afterall strong connections with the American Indian Tribes; I learned about many years ago. It is just so wonderful to have you in our midst. Wishing you both all the very best and hope to catch up again one day. Love and Light, Louise Kreemer.Louise Kreemer ([email protected]

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