Lack Of Sleep Affects Your Health

Last Updated June 27th, 2013

Lack Of Sleep Affects Your Health

Lack Of Sleep

& Dr. Michael Taylor

Lack of sleep contributes to more negative consequences than you may be aware of.  Not getting enough snooze time can impact your health, sex life, cognitive ability, and even your looks.  Here are some common effects of the lack of sleep that you should be aware of.

1. Lack of cognitive ability

Lack of sleep can cause you to be less attentive, have difficulty concentrating, and diminish your memory and problem solving skills. There has been a great deal of research regarding children and how sleep deprivation affects their ability to learn in school.  Lack of sleep certainly makes it more difficult for children to be at the best cognitively in school.

2. Causes accidents.

Extremely tired people easily fall asleep at the wheel while driving and this causes many accidents per year.  In fact, thousands upon thousands of auto accidents are blamed on fatigue per year.

Major accidents can be caused by sleepy people as well.  The nuclear accident at Three Mile Island was said to have been caused by a tired employee, as well as the Exxon Valdez oil spill. Falling asleep on the job can be quite dangerous and risk injury and deaths of many people.

3.  Health problems

If you go for longer periods of sleep deprivation, it can affect your health negatively.  Those who suffer sleep loss are more apt to suffer from high blood pressure, heart disease, irregular heartbeat, diabetes, and stroke.

4. Low sex drive

Those who have a difficult time sleeping at night tend to have lower sex drives. Experts also assert that men who suffer from sleep apnea have lower levels of testosterone.

5. Depression

If you’re tired all the time from lack of sleep, you’re more apt to suffer from depression as well.  Insomnia and depression correlate significantly, as the symptoms feed off of each other. If you’re depressed, you’re often fatigued but cannot get adequate sleep. Likewise, if you’re sleep deprived, you tend to feel depressed.

6. Affects skin

Have you ever been lacking in sleep and saw puffy, dark circles under your eyes?  Lack of sleep affects your skin appearance, as cortisol is released when sleep deprivation occurs. Cortisol actually breaks down the protein collagen, which is supposed to help keep your skin looking smooth.

7. Loss of memory

Sleep deprivation affects your memory. You won’t be as sharp in remembering things if you’re lacking in sleep.

Health experts advise men and women to get 8 hours of sleep per night for optimal health. Children need 8-11 hours of sleep, depending on their age.  If you’re having trouble falling asleep at night, try sipping on some chamomile tea and spending a few moments in meditation.  If you continue having trouble, see your physician. It is important to get adequate sleep for optimal health, longevity, peace, and joy.

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