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Last Updated June 27th, 2013

In My Opinion - Insight Magazine Article by K and Dr. Michael

'In my Opinion' article by K and Dr. Michael as it appeared in the February 2011 issue of Insight Magazine, reprinted with permission. You can download the entire 'In My Opinion' article as a pdf, courtesy of Insight Magazine.

"The world is full of people who are in desperate need of help. Not financial or emotional help, spiritual help. And those with the ability to help need to do their part and do it well. Society is so fast paced in the 21st century with individuals hurrying towards what, most cannot say, and/or hurrying away from that which is 'so yesterday', so boring or ordinary. Listen, those 'without a clue' should get one, and in a hurry.

What is needed is peace in these rapidly changing times. And, those with the knowledge of peace need to get the courage, strength, and determination to do something about our environment of 'social unrest'. If it is not the job of those who know peace, then whose is it? Only those who know themselves and the Divine can offer a way out of this madness  -  a plague that rivals that of the 'black death' of centuries ago. The bubonic plague wiped out two-thirds of the world's population. Well, our fear and hunger driven society is full of the worried sick that ask: when will that bill be paid? Who will pick the kids up from school? And, who has time for housework, as I have two jobs? The juggling super-mum or super-dad? What if super-mum or super-dad can't or won't because of burn out and fatigue?

Commerce drives this madness by the capitalistic juggernauts that are determined to make you work hard and play hard, or else! Yet, there is no mention of rest for the weary, except when you are so worn out that you have to spend more of that hard earned money on a you-deserve-it type of a holiday at some gloriously expensive resort or cruise to get away from it all. And, don't forget the pampering you also deserve! Hurry up and wash it all down with all of the mind-numbing alcohol, drugs, chocolate, pizza, and sugary treats you can get your fat little fingers on.

Has society gone mad? We dare say, yes. Yet, everyone has it in them to reach a huge potential of whatever they are gifted to do and become. And, it is true that adversity can bring out the best or whatever is dormant in an individual. However, does the reader know what he or she is striving for? No. He or she is running away from the perpetual fear that is driven by these evil capitalists, blindly unaware of this evil, this perpetual fear that is sublimely hidden in the movies and in the media, such as the evening 'news'. News  -  what a misnomer. Why don't they just call it the truth  -  the evening 'bad news'? Sex and fear sells. Surely the reader has noticed the increase in the number of sexually explicit themes, crime shows, and violent video games in the last 20 years. And, why is it that the adrenaline packed shows are aired just before the average person goes to bed? Oh yeah, that's right, to protect our children who went to bed at 7 pm, right after dinner instead of iPhone texting for hours about how boring their life is. It might not have anything to do with making us have bad dreams, could it? Perhaps not; that would be paranoid of us to think that way.

So, what is a person to do? Where is the well-lit path that leads us out of the forest of darkness? Well, it would be a bit too arrogant for us to suggest that a person should lead a life of purpose and meaning. After all, humans have 'free will'. Of course, we acknowledge the right to have free will. But what has exercising one's 'free will' cost the reader? His or her health, marriage, dreams, not to mention bank accounts? Does spirituality have the answer? Does a relationship with the Divine hold the key? We say, yes.

Living a life of meaning and purpose can only be attained through a relationship with the Divine by following the path of one's heart and mind, dare we say, regardless of the distractions around the reader. Personally, we find the first solution is to have Vision  -  to recognise the wisdom of pure genius immortalised by the words of Jonathan Swift: 'Vision is the art of seeing the invisible'. Those with Vision are the leaders of society and business. Those with Vision make change happen. They see with the mind what others cannot yet see. It is the visionaries believing in what they alone see are what results in what others ultimately see and believe as well. Are there spiritual visionaries?

Vision, courage, determination, and effort are required for growth, but more than Vision is needed. What also is needed is a relationship with the unseen. As clairvoyants, we know and speak of having a relationship with the unseen as readily as a nuclear physicist speaks of subatomic particles, as if he knows them intimately. Sure, he knows they are there, but cannot see them with his own eyes. Yet, that knowing and believing in the invisible is the foundation for a relationship. But does the reader have a relationship with the unseen? Without using the word, 'faith', does the reader believe in what he or she cannot see? And, why can't and shouldn't the reader have a relationship with the unseen? Why is it socially awkward to mention that relationship? If the reader would choose to have this relationship, he or she would be rewarded with a meaningful and purposeful life by interacting with the unseen  -  but felt, invisible  -  but alive, world of Spirit. After all, what is left to chase with our adrenaline-soaked, stressed out, unhealthy bodies but some form of respite? And, is the reader interested in resting alone or with company? What if the reader's best friend or someone who loved the reader could join them? Interested? Or, is it time for another chocolate before a well-deserved game of Wii Fit Plus?"

© 2011 Connect with Spirit - In My Opinion article as it appeared in the February 2011 issue of Insight Magazine.


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