I Am Meditation

Last Updated June 27th, 2013

I AM Meditation

Here is the 'I Am' Meditation to remind you of your connection to Source. The I Am meditation is to remind you of your truth: You are Divine. You are connected to the 'I Am Presence' within you and all around you. You are an integral part of the vastness of the magnificent universe. All are one with you and you are one with all that is. Instead of trying in vain to refute this truth, embrace it. The I Am Meditation is to remind you of your absolute connection to All That Is. Look for the link below to download the meditation as an mp3 file for FREE.


I Am All That I Am

One With The Universal Mind,

One With The Source Of All Life.

I Am One With All Living Things

And They Are One With Me.

I Am Love.

I Am Light.

I Am Peace.

I Am.

-Author unknown

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Hi K, this is Joy from Crystal Journey at Toombul. Just wondering if you have any other meditations happening that I may be able to come to.
Have a great day... PS where can I buy the book other than online?Joy Nish

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