Dr Wayne W Dyer is Impressed with Connect with Spirit

Last Updated June 27th, 2013
Dr Wayne W Dyer is Impressed with Connect with Spirit

Dr. Wayne W. Dyer, Author

In July 2010, we shared K's memory of meeting Dr. Wayne Dyer for the first time as a volunteer for Hay House at an I Can Do It event. Dr. Wayne Dyer is well-known as the best-selling author of more than 30 books.

Well, when we met Wayne Dyer in August 2010 at the Perth and Sydney I Can Do It Events he remembered K from before. Plus, Dr. Michael had a chance to show Wayne just what he is capable of as a medical intuitive and spiritual healer. He got Wayne walking and out of pain in one session, enabling Wayne to support us and our work. He told the Sydney crowd of 3000 about Dr. Michael's work and described him as "a brilliant physician who embodies the concept of being open to all realities.... He's the real deal." Thank you Wayne for your generosity and support! 

Wonderful work that you and K are doing Dr Michael! I was so pleased to have met you and K (not knowing you were connected) at I CAN DO IT melb. I am the Debbie writing the book about motherloss. Would love to connect with you when you can. love and light, deb :)Debbie Elbaum

Thank you Dr Michael for sharing this with us. Merci beaucoup, Jacques Jacques Fayolle

Thank you Dr.Michael for taking care of our Dr. WayneCandace Netzel

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