Christmas 2012 Message from K

Last Updated December 11th, 2012

To my dear friends (the darlings that you are to me),

The time is early morning and the light is not yet risen. I am weary yet I am here with you and Spirit. Spirit is behind me gently holding me and wanting me to write these words to all of you.


I wish to thank every one of you for an amazing year. You, God and Spirit have blessed me with much. It is during this moment of thanks that Spirit flashed an image before me which I wish to share with you. Presented in front of me was a very old and large tree. The trunk was thick with many nooks and crevices which stood out like life's pathways. The branches were strong and plenty, and the foliage was full and abundant with leaves that were colourful as the light gently shone upon them.

In the quiet, a voice spoke to me,

"You have been the tree of life, K. Deepen your roots now, growing more, ready for new life in 2013. As Gaia blows the winds gently through your leaves, you will be enlightened with more knowledge that you will share with the souls you now connect with.

K, love these souls, teach these souls and encourage them to grow with you. Every seed we give you to share with another will blossom. Every season of change will strengthen you more allowing you to be greater than before. Your branches will reach further now to many so enjoy the journey.

We are delighted with how you share with others and that your voice is ours, as if we live in you to be with your people. Tell them not to fear. The world is abundant and moving quickly with change but change for the better if everyone understands the need for unity and more love.

For now, stand as the tree we have showed you and allow us to feed you with more. Knowledge is imperative to succeed. Success is excellence that every soul must achieve.

We thank you, K, you have blessed us and many. Continue to bless for this is the true role of the universe. Unity for all and growth in discovery. Love is eternal and so all is blessed."

- Master Tao

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