Christ Consciousness

Last Updated June 27th, 2013

Christ Consciousness

Christ Consciousness

As the years roll on very fast, we are seeing the world changing more and more. And, everyone wants to find his or her true purpose in life. Still, we must evolve, however many of you are feeling lost in the process. Yet, you can achieve more of your life purpose when you connect with the Jesus Christ Consciousness.

What is Christ Consciousness? 

Edgar Cayce, the brilliant trance channeler has been quoted to call the Christ Consciousness, "The Holy Spirit." Many other spiritual leaders and teachers say it means, "Seeing God Everywhere." For those who have discarded the word GOD in your life, then choose another less emotionally-charged, perhaps a simple word, like SOURCE. No matter which word you choose, it all refers to the same thing, God, the Source of all matter. Our Source, the Holy Spirit to which we belong, is the I AM - the Oneness - the Intelligent Universal Energy that can be accessed at any time by All. And today, what are many wishing to access more often in their daily lives? Peace and perfection, being in spiritual harmony with others. People want a guaranteed life of Peace. Why not open your heart, expand your mind, and unite with GOD - our SOURCE - your I AM presence?

Orion Nebula image for Christ Consciousness

Christ Consciousness is the direct line to the Divine, the Holy Spirit. Whether it be God, Jesus Christ, Buddha, and many more Masters that have walked this Earth, they all have the same thing in common, they wished for, studied, and walked in Peace. They accepted, demonstrated and became enlightenment on their journeys. And, regardless of whether you want it or not, we all have the energy of Christ within us. Jesus taught this as he walked the Earth. "These things that I do, you can do also." His message was LOVE. Love yourself. Love another. Walk in love and do not fear. Live in a loving way. When you achieve this, then you are your own Master, you have achieved enlightenment, you have a direct line to the Glory of ONENESS. This ONENESS is the highest vibrational energy available to you! Why would you not want this in your life?  The Holy Spirit is the Source of all things - Truth, Love and the Goodness of life. Understand and use the belief system for this; it will improve everyone individually. You will gain spiritual growth immediately, and be aligned to a Higher Source. This is your birthright - you are part of the Great I AM. Your Christ Consciousness awareness is only achieved when the human mind structures itself with intention, and gives attention and openness to all life and all possibilities.

Jesus Christ Consciousness

How do you achieve Oneness with the I Am presence, this direct line to Source, this intense feeling of peacefulness? Prayer, Meditation, Manifesting, Living with only Love and by exemplifying Kindness (which means Forgiveness for all people and situations), and Maintaining the Mind, Body, and Soul. All of these are necessary awarenesses and actions and they require our choosing, just as it is an individual's choice to clean one's teeth or to put out the garbage. We urge you, please learn these awarenesses, demonstrate these actions, and be your own Christ Consciousness Master. If not, then at least find a living Master that will show you your path. You could… ask your I Am presence - your Oneness - to direct you back to reclaim your true self.

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Your message has awakened a need within to be true to myself. I have somehow lost touch with God over the years and have denied myself true happiness within. I appreciate the words Spirit offers me in this message and hope that I may reconnect with God and hear his voice again. Thank you.Yolanda Sanders

This message is exactly what I wanted/needed to hear. I feel much more uplifted from a situation that I was just going through this past weekend. Thank you so much for sharing.Timea Czumbil

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