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Last Updated July 15th, 2013

Chakras: The Importance of Balance













By Laurie Mazzarella

Ever wondered what a chakra is? You have probably seen the chakra charts with their different colors represented up the body. Chakras are not physical, yet the chakras interact with the physical. They are not emotional or mental, but the chakras interact with each of these realms. Chakras are best described as energy centers or, even, centers of consciousness. They are often described as spinning wheels that interact with the life force energy from within and from outside of us.

All chakras working together in harmony afford a person an ascending level of consciousness. If there are disharmonies in any of the chakras, there will be blocks to higher levels of thought and healing. One of the best ways to determine whether there are blockages is to examine our thoughts which often manifest in physical or mental ailments or dysfunctions. We are what we think. And, this is demonstrated in the harmony or disharmony of the chakras as manifested in our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual life.

While most people focus on the seven that run vertically up the body, there are many smaller, more precisely tuned chakras in the body totaling about 1,000. Our chakras   reflect our thoughts, feelings and emotions. They can be open or closed; they can be spinning fast or slow.

The seven chakras running up the center of the body are identified by a frequency with each chakra corresponding to a different frequency. There are colors, sounds, attitudes, gemstones, essence oils and even foods that vibrate to their corresponding chakra. For example, the 5th, or throat, chakra vibrates at 384Hz. Since the 5th chakra deals with, among other things, truth, anything that resonates with this frequency, will influence this area and affect our personal truth.

One of the best ways to balance the chakra frequencies is through meditation. By focusing on a particular sound or mantra, we affect the chakra that vibrates at the same frequency as the sound or mantra. Creative visualization is another tool to adjust an out of balance chakra. For example, the  6TH chakra is associated with imagination and inspired communication. Practicing creative visualization strengthens the 6th chakra like working out in a gym does for your muscles. Also, visualizing corresponding colors and chakras will strengthen the chakra that you are dealing with.  Using affirmations that relate to a particular chakra can also help the chakras to spin at their proper frequency. Movement can also open the chakras. For example, there are different yoga poses for each chakra that help to clear blocked energies. Breathing, or pranayama, is useful with meditation in bringing the chakras into balance.

Chakras close down or slow down when we have blocks in our thoughts and attitudes about whatever the particular chakra represents. In this case, the above tools can be used to help open or speed up the chakra energy center. When a chakra is out of balance, the Chi, or life force of a person vibrates below the appropriate frequency of that chakra. This can manifest as physical illness, mental dysfunctions, emotional disruptions or spiritual difficulties. The area or areas of your life that you think are not functioning well, whether they are physical, mental, emotional or spiritual usually points to chakra imbalances in the corresponding chakra. For instance, if you have an overactive 2nd chakra, you may manifest this with poor personal boundaries, guilt, lower back problems or, even kidney problems.

Like any type of growth in life, chakras can be balanced at one point in your life and then become unbalanced if you have any crisis, trauma or experience where you need to change an  attitude, lifestyle factor or dispel a fear.

Keeping the chakras balanced means health in mind, body and spirit. It is also ongoing if you are to maintain the balance.

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