Animal Whispering to Australian Koala in Wrong Tree

Last Updated June 27th, 2013

Animal Whispering

K and Dr Michael of Connect with Spirit (on Google+) helped this wonderful little Koala Bear at the (Steve Irwin's) Australia Zoo on the Sunshine Coast. He was up in the wrong tree and trying to eat leaves that were not gum leaves. That would make him sick and he seemed a little confused to us. So, we did a little animal whispering and told the Koala to climb down the tree and come with us to the new tree. Well, he did! It was great.

How do people animal whisper? Well, it helps if you are a visual person and can "think" in pictures. Try talking to animals by thinking pictures in your mind about what you want them to do. It can work with dogs, cats, horses, and all kinds of animals. It has worked for K and Dr Michael of Connect with Spirit. We don't consider ourselves full time animal whisperers, per se. However, the technique is easy to practice, and once the animals get the idea they can communicate with you... notice the images and thoughts that also appear in your mind in response.

If you are interested in psychic phenomena and developing your psychic abilities and intuitive gifts check out K and Dr Michael's Connect with Spirit workshops.

Photos copyright by Dr Michael of Connect with Spirit. Background Music by Deuter, "Huit" on the Atmospheres album.

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