Angel Photo by Dr Michael | Want to know what an Angel looks like?

Last Updated June 27th, 2013
Angel Photo by Dr Michael | Want to know what an Angel looks like?

Angel Intuitive 2010






At the recent Angel Intuitive 2010 Hay House event, retired physician and medical intuitive Dr. Michael was asked by Leon Nacson to take a few photographs for Hay House Australia to capture the Doreen Virtue Angel Intuitive 2010 event for social media purposes. Feel free to browse Hay House Australia's Facebook site for the other images Dr Michael took and uploaded to Hay House's Facebook site here and here.

Here are a few photos of the collection that we are pleased with - scroll down and take note of the bright figure in the third (last) photo on this page which is the angel photo:

Dr Michael K & Doreen Virtue

Dr. Michael, K & Doreen Virtue

Doreen Virtue of gets to rock out as a change of pace from teaching her weekend course at the Hyatt Regency in Coolum Beach, Australia to hundreds of Angel Intuitives.

Doreen Virtue guitarist



















And, below is the angel photo that was taken during the performance of the band Obsidian of the crowds of people dancing to the music in front of the stage. Yes, Dr Michael and K believe this is what an angel looks like. What is more surprising is that a real angel has been caught on (digital) film.

Angel Photo. Here is what an angel looks like

The angel photo has not been altered in any way (except for the copyright stamp). Dr. Michael still has the angel photo on his camera if anyone wants to see it in the LCD screen as proof of it being unaltered and NOT photoshopped. The image was taken without a flash with a Canon 20D using a 24-70mm lens f/2.8 and ISO 800.

The above "Angel Photo" by Dr. Michael of Connect with Spirit Pty. Ltd. is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License"The licensor permits others to copy, distribute, display, and perform the work for non-commercial purposes only. The licensor permits others to copy, distribute and transmit only unaltered copies of the work — not derivative works based on it." Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at

This is an amazing photo...This is such a beautiful photoTheresa

Thank you sooo much for sharing this Dr Michael, I have always believed angels are there for us and this just confirms that blind faith is justified. We have a touch light at home and every now and again we find it on and there is only the two of us here.

Jenny xxJenny Stromilo

wow.hope i see one of them someday :)Carla40

This is so awesome!! But I see at least 4 angels. Can you see them too?Carolyn

When i meditate - go to sleep or work to help people heal during healings sessions - it sometimes comes to my mind how big the universe is - so many angels so many spirits actually want to help each one of us - thanks for sharing - Love LeneLene Carlsson Denmark

In my dreams an angel comes to me :) He sit on my bed, tell me what I have to do; He gives me healing alsow. The day after I know what to do, or my feelings ar better:)
He is tall, black hear, friendly dark voice and he have light dress on. I`m shore he is an angel.
I love angels, and know you can called them anytime.
Hug Hildem67Hilde Solheim

wow AWESOME...I LOVE angels so much and have alot of them around me I feel...they def help me in my daily life and I get ALOT of inspiration from them!! I actually have an angel blog that I try to keep up with everyday! and that you shared on of my posts on your blog! Thanks so much for sharing this truly shows that they REALLY are out there you know!!! Shawna

This angel is totally awesome! I was also at Coolum a couple of weeks ago having a great boogie to Obsidian.... How blessed to be in the presence of so much love and angelic energy - thanks Dr Michael for sharing :-)Claire

So many humans doubt the existence of the angels in our lives...How beautiful to have this angelic energy to provide ALL of us with a 3 dimensional glimpse! BELIEVING IS SEEING!!! OX Patti Patti Sinclair

At the start of the concert I was up dancing and said to spirit come on and join in the dance too. Its so much fun and that is what we are here for. How cool they got in the pics as well. I did not have my camera that night so do not have any myself. Michael loves to dance and the energy that night was beyond words!!Madonna Beswick

l was there too ! a truly magic weekend...and l got lots of orbies !! l have one beauty - three orbs forming a triangle ! woo hoo!!! BlessCarine Woder

What about the woman showen in the middle of the pic? was she there??D

I was at the Angel Intuitive and I have beautiful pictures of our room filled with masses of orbs and I witnessed my own miracles on the way home - I also have photos of that. As soon as I work out how to dowload them to facebbok - I will definately share x x x The most magical experience of my life to date x x x xJanette Harman

Wow what a beautiful picture of the Angel in the background. Just as I thought an Angel would look like
this confirms to me the reality of Angels in our life. Connie Vella

Se evidencia la energia de un angel, son seres de luz y estan para protegernos y ayudarnos.
Dios selecciona algunas personas que tiene mayor intuicion, para que a travez de los angeles puedas ayudar a tu familia, amigos y conocidos.
Todo lo mejor.

What a gift for me to receive on Thanksgiving. Awesome picture!!! Thank you so much for BEING THERE!!!Candace Netzel


I believe in Angels and I believe THAT is an Angel! How fortunate are we to see such an amazing image?Cheryl G.

It is a blessing!K

from Holland...her Susan..this is wooooooooooooooo
I believe in Angels I read books from Doreen

the photo is so beautiful
love from Holland

The photo proves we already have the real idea about how they look like. Amazing!Tania

It looks like more than one in this pic! How awesome!!Leeann Palubiak

Love that Angel. You all called The Angels in and they came.
Golden Light Angel Healing Blessings to all
Pati Solva Hueneke at the Golden Light Healing Clinic in Canberra/AustraliaPatricia Hueneke

Angels love to rock!! How cool is that!
Thanks for sharing your photo.

Julie xxJulie McCarthy

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