Angel Caught on Film - Divine Intervention or Trick Photography?

Last Updated June 27th, 2013
Angel Caught on Film - Divine Intervention or Trick Photography?








Angel Caught on Film by Dr Michael - Divine Intervention or Trick Photography?

Hey! Dr. Michael's angel photo at the Coolum Beach Angel Intuitive seminar made it to the news! It first appeared in the Sunshine Coast Daily news and it spread throughout the QLD newspapers through their affiliates. It is sure to generate a lot of discussion and there is a poll on the site with about two-thirds of polled respondents saying that they believe in angels. What do you believe? We believe ... Angels are real!

Most of the statistics available elsewhere on the net say that the majority of people believe in the Divine, a higher power, Divine Intervention and angels. Some report having seen angels, angel wings, guardian angels, even the angel of death, Azrael. But most are not visited like Dr. Michael was by Archangel Azrael, the death angel, and most certainly do not have angels caught on film or any kind of angel pics on their cameras. Some have claimed it looks quite like a angel figurine or angel statue. However, you can clearly see (at least) two easily identifiable angel wings in the above photo, angel caught on film. There are many who still think this is trick photography when it was not. I still have the proof! I have the image still stored in its original form on my Canon 20D. Naysayers are welcome to see it. To us, not only is this news but breaking news. To us, this is proof that angels are real and we do not need a poll to convince us that we have proof of a real angel. 

I had this dream recently and it went like this "I found myself sitting on a couch that had a black sheet or cover over it, and in my dream I knew this sheet was the darkness, so I started to rebuke it in the name of Jesus in my dream and it lifted up and rolled up like a newspaper and started screaching at me and it changed, we were in my house and it grew into a black tree trunk with a body and was mocking me at this point in my dream, I was screaming at the top of my lungs rubuking in the name of Jesus and I asked God to charge his angels at my side, and they appeared behind him and I couldn't see their faces, they were blurry. Well, the darkness was somehow sucked towards them and it looked like they were pushing it down into the floor, and before they left my arm opened and a chain came out of it and unraveled, and they took the end of chain with them. Later, I did some research on this and I found an article that this pastor wrote and it said that I was visited by the Holy Spirit and that the Holy Spirit is a spiritual chain connecting us to Jesus, when I read that part I got goosebumps, it said when we are visited by the Holy Spirit its an act of mercy by God to show us He is there so we want more of Him.Anthony

I Believe in ANGELS....Lisa Stanford

Ten years agao I was visited by two angels in my home whilst I was ironing. I had my Dad in a nursing home in Sydney at the time (I live on the Sunshine coast) I would visit my dad every 3-4 months. I prayed alot to God about wishing to be close to Dad when he passed, and if he could somehow give me a sign when that time was near. After seeing these 2 angels walk past me in a gold shimmer 6ft tall - I knew. Immediately I rang the home and was told my Dad was in decline. I was on a plane that night; Dad passed three days later. I have since read many books on the subjects of angels and I am convinced they do in fact exist and are close at hand when we need and ask for guidance. I am not a religious person, but a good one and I now know there is something bigger than all of us out there.
Regards Lyn TudmanLyn Tudman

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