111 Benefits of Meditation to the Mind, Body and Spirit

Last Updated August 8th, 2013

111 Benefits of Meditation to the Mind, Body and Spirit

Research on Meditation

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Benefits of Meditation to the Mind

  1. Improved mental focus and less 'mind chatter'
  2. The ability to tune out distractions
  3. Greater work-life balance
  4. Less mind wandering and mental clutter
  5. More silence from the 'observer self'
  6. Less sense of time urgency
  7. Less mental stress from meditation
  8. Time spent in reflection, renewal and inspiration
  9. Better working memory and intellectual performance
  10. Improved self-confidence and motivation
  11. Increased creativity and problem solving ability
  12. Improved productivity
  13. Greater will power and self-control
  14. Better job satisfaction
  15. Better communications
  16. Less confusion
  17. Less mental illness (anxiety, depression, psychosis, addictions, ADHD)
  18. Better decisions and judgement
  19. Greater sense of personal character, honesty and integrity
  20. Reach more of one's potential
  21. Less impulsivity
  22. Faster learning and greater comprehension
  23. Greater happiness from higher serotonin levels
  24. Stronger intuitions, hunches, premonitions and instincts
  25. Greater perception of conscious awareness (reality)
  26. Better visualisations during meditation
  27. More meaningful answers to questions
  28. Fewer questions that need answers
  29. Feeling centered, grounded, calm and peaceful
  30. Improved adolescence anger and mood swings
  31. Being in the 'flow state' more often
  32. Simplification and worthiness
  33. Surpassing self-imposed and society-imposed limits
  34. Escaping the fast paced world and forming a stronghold against it
  35. Less negativity, whining, whinging, complaining, blaming and criticising

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Benefits of Meditation to the Body

  1. Less wasted energy, money and time
  2. Slower heart rate
  3. Lower blood pressure
  4. Stronger immune system and less likely to get colds from meditation
  5. Faster healing and quicker recovery
  6. Reduced occurrence of infections
  7. Reduced perception of acute or chronic pain
  8. Deeper and more frequent relaxation from meditation
  9. Improved sleep and feelings of rest - less fatigue
  10. Decreased need for stimulants like nicotine, caffeine, chocolate and sugar
  11. Healthier skin and fewer wrinkles
  12. Less fluid retention
  13. Reduced tendency for weight gain
  14. Improved blood sugar and stabilization of diabetes
  15. Lowered cholesterol and less cardiovascular disease (heart attacks and strokes)
  16. Less asthma, breathing difficulties or allergies
  17. Slows the ageing process
  18. Fewer headaches or migraines
  19. Less spent on health care and doctor visits
  20. Improved sports performance
  21. Fewer seizures
  22. Fewer infertility issues and greater tolerance for pregancy
  23. Improved energy, health, stamina and vitality
  24. Decreased need for medications and/or supplements
  25. Decreased acne
  26. Decreased irritable bowel syndrome from meditation
  27. Decreased inflammatory episodes and autoimmune diseases
  28. Improved flexibility
  29. Less pre-menstrual tension (PMS)
  30. Improved blood circulation
  31. Improved posture and strength (if combined with yoga, tai chi, etc.)
  32. Less likely to get cancer or more likely to heal from cancer
  33. FREE - it doesn't cost anything except quality time spent
  34. PORTABLE - you can meditate just about everywhere
  35. QUICK - doesn't take long to reap the benefits of meditation with practice

Saint Padre PioSaint Padre Pio stated: "Through the study of books one seeks God; by meditation one finds him." The Rosary: A Path Into Prayer by Liz Kelly 2004 ISBN 082942024X pages 79 and 86 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




Benefits of Meditation to the Spirit

  1. Greater perspective of Oneness and the I Am Presence
  2. Weakening of the ego and the perception of self as separate
  3. Surrendering to the I Am Presence
  4. Receiving enlightenment and wisdom
  5. Greater Awakening to Higher Purpose(s) and communication thereof
  6. Evolution of the Spirit and a larger expression of the Spirit
  7. Perceiving oneself as Eternal and the interconnectedness of all things
  8. Deepen one's relationship and cooperation with God/Source
  9. More positivity and greater acceptance of the Self
  10. Forgiveness and healing of the Self and others
  11. Larger capacity to love the Self and Others
  12. Greater kindness and compassion for others and motivation to help others
  13. Greater sense of tolerance and priorities
  14. Enjoying the differences instead of trying to be the same
  15. More compromise, more benefit to humanity and greater peace
  16. Living more in the present moment
  17. Becoming a conduit for universal love and unconditional love
  18. Greater sense of knowingness and understanding
  19. Noticing the synchronicities of thought and manifestation
  20. Deeper stillness with greater joy and appreciation
  21. Healing the soul, the past and false perceptions
  22. Better relationships with the Self and others
  23. Greater sense of freedom and celebration of life
  24. Greater sense of belonging and need
  25. Divine communication with the Holy Spirit, angels, saints, guides, masters and deceased loved ones
  26. More meaningful contributions to Self and society
  27. Out of body experiences and astral travel
  28. Expanded sense of neutrality and all things have their place and time
  29. Less need to define or justify
  30. Fewer use of labels and need for labels
  31. Less need for control and more going with the flow
  32. Becoming a better 'human being' instead of a 'human doing'
  33. More surrender, harmony, patience, and honesty
  34. Less concern for consequences and more observations of the natural order
  35. Greater awe and childlike wonder in the moment of 'now'
  36. Greater awareness, self-reliance and trust
  37. Eliminating the need for revenge or retribution
  38. Sense of achievement for 'paying yourself first'
  39. Fewer opinions and greater observations
  40. Less war, jealousy, fear, greed, pride, shame and guilt
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There are lots of Benefits of meditation . Those benefits can range to making improvements to your relationships with your folks, family and partner, to making improvements to your performance at your profession. There are lots of reasons why meditation assists in these classes. The main reason is that through meditation, you are taking keep watch over of the way you assume and allowing your body and thoughts to focus and chill out. The removal of stress frequently offers you the clarity of idea required to stay relationships stable, in addition to stay your work from overwhelming you.Benefits Of Metidation

Wow. Awesome list. Excellent. Well done for putting it all together. That's the beauty of meditation.Ntathu Allen

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