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Last Updated April 8th, 2016

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Our latest news and information from Brisbane Psychic K: Choose from the menu on the right. Most have videos too like Wayne Dyer's praise, "He's a brilliant medical doctor.... He's the real deal," of Dr Michael:

Dr Wayne Dyer

"So I fly here, I arrive in Perth after six months of travels, it seems like... and my back is just gone... I pulled something out, I can barely walk. I can hardly walk across the room, and this gentleman shows up who is a medical doctor, and as a medical doctor he also... I like the line of Telopa in the 10th century, a Sufi master... he said that, "If you wanted to know the perfect advice - Have a mind that is open to everything and attached to nothing. Open to everything, attached nowhere. Open to all things."

How many medical doctors do you think will do a past life regression on you? How many, and you'll hear one, you'll hear Brian Weiss tomorrow - brilliant beautiful man, great friend of mine - how many medical doctors do you know who will come and look at your body and read it as a medical intuitive, and tell you everything that's going on in your body... and he is like hitting spot after spot, and then my friend Carrie is there and he does it to her as well - points out where there was a cyst over here and where this was over there, and each time exactly accurate, and then plays the didgeridoo for me, and takes me back, and I get up and when I came out here to speak from just five days ago of being able to hardly walk, I ran up here on the stage, they put a chair up here but I don't need this chair. I needed it in Perth but I don't need it here today.

Brilliant man, was in my hotel, who came all the way to Sydney just to help me get through and see if he could have me heal, and I have not felt this strong and this great in months and months. His name is Dr Michael and I want him to stand up, he is right over there - stand up Michael - I was going to have you to play the didgeridoo but they heard it for an hour before, I was going to have you come up.

But he has a CD that I have been listening it's called, "Discover Your True Journey" - using Sanskrit Chakra Sounds and Breakthrough Techniques - and this guy is the real deal. A medical doctor who has a mind that's open to everything - brilliant medical doctor, but also using Spirit as a way of healing. I asked him to bring his CDs here - they are available out there. If you get the chance you might want to listen because I have uhh, and even Carrie, who is a nurse, working in a hospital with a great deal of skepticism, watched in awe as he took me through a time to go all the way back and have a Lao Tzu there with me, which I'll be speaking about shortly.

So, it's great to have people like you in this world Dr Michael, Dr Michael - thanks for coming to Sydney and thanks for pulling me out of a troubled time. Thanks."

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