Thornlands Outdoor Fire Meditation

Last Updated November 11th, 2013
Thornlands Outdoor Fire Meditation

Thornlands Outdoor Fire Meditation

The Connect with Spirit Thornlands Outdoor Meditation

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Release, let go and surrender your stress under the stars with our outdoor fire meditation. These special meditations offer you the opportunity to connect with Mother Earth and experience the elements of nature.

Thornlands Outdoor Fire Meditation - Cleanse, Clear and Ground

If you need to get back in balance, recharge your energy or are in need of a little extra spiritual strength, join our outdoor fire meditation circle and draw upon the energy of nature. Our meditation techniques will leave your feeling recharged and renewed as you release your intentions into the fire and receive empowerment and healing.

Be EARLY! - Prompt Start Time: 7.00 pm (to 9.00 pm)

Cost: $20 pp (Click the Buy Now link to pay securely through PayPal)

WHERE: 'The Sanctuary', 6 Willett Court, Thornlands Q 4164

Join renowned psychics, healers and meditation teachers, K & Dr. Michael to:

  • Learn how to do meditation with Spirit using our unique meditation method.
  • Get healing for your mind, body & emotions - led by Dr Michael on didgeridoo.
  • Become more conscious and enlightened as you connect with Source.
  • Practise quieting your mind for improved mental focus and creativity.
  • Become centered, grounded and get rid of heavy, negative energy.
  • Take time out from your busy day and receive unconditional love.
  • Become more in tune with Spirit, your angels, spirit guides, etc.

What to Bring: a meditation journal, pen, WATER (to drink) and a CHAIR/blanket to sit on.

No prior meditation experience is necessary to enjoy the evening. All attendees are encouraged to pre-register.

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