Reiki Energy Healing Night - Thornlands

Last Updated October 31st, 2013
Reiki Energy Healing Night - Thornlands






Reiki Energy Healing Night

Group Reiki Energy Healing Night - Thornlands

An Evening to Pray, Let Go, Receive and Be Healed

You Need Healing?

Receive non-denominational prayer, guidance, didgeridoo healing and Reiki energy healing by Reiki Masters K and Dr Michael during this special group healing event. Similar to the popular and successful Pray Be Healed annual events in Springwood, but on a smaller scale. Many attendees reported spontaneous healing of various body symptoms including: headaches, stomach pains, joint aches, anxiety and stress relief, burdens lifted and more. We will be offering profound energy healing for a limited number of people, so register early to save your spot at our new location.

For those who need a healing, Dr. Michael and K are offering a unique healing experience for a selected few to receive group healings. These powerful Reiki Masters will use their combined talents with spirit, led by Dr. Michael on the didgeridoo, to clear and heal individuals in a group setting. Each who has had the group healing experience had amazing results. Hurry, seats are very limited.

  • Cost: $50 pp - admittance is pre-paid only - no door sales (visa/mc, paypal, eft/fpos)
  • When:   Monday, 18 November, 7.00pm to 8.00pm
  • Where:  'The Sanctuary', 6 Willett Court, Thornlands, QLD

All adults over the age of 16 are welcome to attend.

Tickets can be obtained by phone or Click here to Pay Online (PayPal)

Attendees must pre-pay (call 0422 130 966 or use the paypal link above) to be admitted to the Reiki energy healing group event. There will be no exceptions to this rule and late arrivals will not be admitted - please be early.

The audio PBH didgeridoo healing meditation by Dr Michael can be found on Soundcloud.

© 2013 Connect with Spirit - Special Group Healing Night for prayer, guidance, didgeridoo vibrational and Reiki energy healing by Reiki Masters, K and Dr Michael. 

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