Deep Meditation Workshop to Master Meditation and Meet Spirit Guides

Last Updated November 2nd, 2012
Deep Meditation Workshop to Master Meditation and Meet Spirit Guides

Deep Meditation Techniques

Deep Meditation Workshop SAT-SUN 26-27 Feb 2011





We Unlock Secrets of Deep Meditation for You

What if you could meditate at will? What if you could make deep meditation work for you? Now you can!

  • 9.30 am to 5.00 pm
  • Cost*: For the 2-Day Workshop $495
  • Venue***: NEW South Brisbane Venue near Cleveland - updated 22 March '11.

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How to Master Deep Meditation, Meet Spirit Guides and Have Out of Body Experiences!

This is our most popular course and it is only offered a few times each year. Act quickly before you miss your chance.

The Last Deep Meditation Method You Will Ever Need!

People have been longing to understand meditation and be able to do it properly for centuries. So, what if you could take a Deep Meditation Workshop and by the end of it, not only will you have successfully meditated many times, but actually met your spirit guides too? Well you just stumbled into how to do just that...

You probably know that the benefits of meditation are legendary. With continued practice, it can improve a person's well-being, lower their stress and blood-pressure levels, strengthen their immune systems, provide clarity of thought, among others. More importantly, meditation can connect you with Spirits of the invisible spirit world for guidance, practical advice, and you can have safe and enjoyable spiritual journeys, astral travel and OBE's (out-of-body experiences)! Our students regularly enjoy these life changing meditative experiences. And, they are within your reach too. You probably have already imagined... you, your spouse and the kids being more relaxed, more at peace, with less stress. Now, with our proven meditation method you can!

They Laughed At Us When We Told Them Our Meditation Method Was So Simple

We use the Connect with Spirit™ Meditation Method, which includes easy-to-learn, and very effective chakra balancing and deep breathing techniques. If you have never meditated this way before, or you have trouble getting meditation results prior to using our method, we strongly suggest you purchase our How to do Meditation Discover Your True Journey™ Meditation Method CD from our online store which goes over the method in detail. But you won't have to if you take our most popular Deep Meditation Workshop ... WE WILL GIVE IT TO YOU FOR FREE - A $20 Value - the very same meditation method CD, Discover Your True Journey™ that Dr. Wayne W. Dyer recommended at the Hay House I Can Do It™ event in Sydney last year.


Not everyone can deeply meditate easily! Here in our Deep Meditation Workshop we teach you in two days what it can take years to master. Plus, LIKE A ZEN MASTER, you get to connect with the BLISSFUL DIVINE UNIVERSAL ONENESS and meet your spirit guides too!

Join us for our most popular course. You will acquire and learn the tools to relax and allow the journey. But don't ask us to give away our DEEP MEDITATION SECRETS, these techniques are too powerful to just give them away for free.

GO AHEAD. Sign up for our Deep Meditation Workshop... You'll be less stressed and wonder why you haven't done this sooner! YOU KNOW YOU NEED TO MEDITATE. NOW YOU HAVE THE PERFECT WAY TO LEARN DEEP MEDITATION - It is not quite the lazy person's way to meditate - actually, its better.


"I would definately recommend both the workshops and meditation circle. They are very relaxed, very supportive and lots of fun. I have learnt not only to relax but to " break down my walls" open my heart and most importantly, honour myself." - Karen, QLD

"I think that everyone should experience a meditation with K and Michael. The music, Didg healings, Chakra balancing have all played an enormous part in my spiritual journey, for which I am deeply grateful. The collective energy and connection with Spirit is awesome and it has never faltered over the years I have known them." - Jenny, QLD

NOTE: *Cost Includes: workshop materials and CD.

***Click here for Google Map of New South Brisbane Venue - updated 22 March '11.

We look forward to seeing you soon.


Remember, if you have trouble getting meditation results prior to using our meditation method, we strongly suggest you purchase our How to do Meditation Discover Your True Journey™ Meditation Method CD from our online store.

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