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Last Updated June 12th, 2013
Brisbane Mastermind Group | Women in Business

Begin your journey to empowerment and success with a 12 month program valued at $1,200 for only $397! (limited time only)

I have a special and timely message for women all around the world that I would like to share with you. I am delighted to announce that beginning in 2013, I will be offering a Mastermind Group for women to empower them in business and also in their personal lives because it is becoming more and more evident that people do not have balance. They desire a lot of things and dream big dreams, but do not make a plan for achievement and have no direction in which to start with.

Spirit says we are going to see so much online business in the future that little shops aren’t going to be able to pay their rent anymore or get enough customers to stay afloat. In fact, even some of the big outlets and department stores in Australia and worldwide are going to find that no longer are they are in service for the people whereas everything is done online.

Everyone wants things quick and instant but they’ve got to have good tools to know how to do it or they will fail. Spirit is not interested in anyone failing. Spirit wants everyone to be a success but they want people to do it on an even balance, on a straight path, and with more knowledge.

Many people start a business without doing any research or marketing for themselves, their product, and the service that they wish to deliver. There is a need for much more awareness in this area.

In this Mastermind Group, I will be having personal time with the ladies and also group sessions. The group sessions are very important because it is there that they will be able to network.

Women, it is important that you rise to this occasion. The feminine energy is full on for 2013, so you must be empowered for all things in your life.

Business is something that women are stepping up into and men are getting in the back seat. They’ve had the front long enough and now it’s time for the women to rise.

Because of this energy shift, we are going to see more women step up into Parliament and head up major global companies because women rule with their heart as well as their head.

It is my intention to direct and give powerful leadership to empower women for next year and the years after.  I encourage you to join me in this liberating and exciting new business venture.

Because I believe in this so strongly, I am making this Mastermind Group very affordable and offering a unique opportunity.  This is a true investment that you can make in yourself professionally and personally that will be well worth it.

For further details or to register your interest, contact us at Y29ubmVjdHdpdGhzcGlyaXRAZ21haWwuY29t.

I am so excited to bring this group together. It is time you excelled in all areas of your life.

Blessings, K on Google

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