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Brisbane Psychic K offers several spiritual events, courses, workshops and retreats to broaden your awareness of Spirit and help you integrate this understanding into your life for personal and business success. Please check our event schedule below for the next course, meditation circle or workshop that suits your needs. Find out why so many are raving about just how fun and easy it is to Connect with Spirit!

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Spirit is summoning your Soul

Please offer some online or video conferencing courses. Please ;-)Dominika Corbin

I have made some significant changes in my life since meeting you Dr Michael at Angel Intuitive Course in Coolum 2010. I am singing again too - awesome. I want to pursue a career change but feel "stuck". Any clues on what I can do to shift this feeling or what is hindering me? Your advice on any future planned seminars Sydney or anywhere in NSW would inspire me. Any hints???Yolanda Sanders

Are there any courses coming up for beginners prior to the advanced course in psychic development? I would love to channel. I spent a day with Helen Paige, a medical intuitive and director of the angelos centre, when she came to visit qld; sadly she is in Victoria. I would love to develop psychically and have been looking for ... something or someone.lorraine findlay

Heard you on Lisa Williams' show on Hay House Radio. Enjoyed it. I had a challenging (not using the word painful) experience with someone this past year and have moved on (he told me to). I've met someone online who seems nice, but every once in a while it's like my thoughts are connected to this previous man, and I can feel what he's feeling. Is this possible?Josephine Colon

How cool! You just use the initial K like I do!

this is more of a question, and i understand if you are unable to respond. just looking for some advice about dating when you have a 9yo daughter. thanksKaren Marshall

does the art of manifesting wkshp take place on-line?Laurie _

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