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Last Updated January 27th, 2012

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Spirit has asked us to share this with you.

"Don´t pray in the rain if you don´t pray when the sun shines" - Satchel Paige

PRAYER - the dictionary meaning of prayer is “WORDS.”

In the past, we have solicited prayer requests from you. Why? firstly as an ambassador to God and the Holy Spirit it is our duty to help another. It is also our wish. We believe in prayer. We have faith in prayer, and we know first hand from the Angels that every word spoken, whether it be a plea from a friend or a client for help or a prayer, these words are heard in the Heavens.

Many of us call the Heavens whether you believe in it or not. When you request something – anything – it is heard. All thoughts are prayers. We all know the saying “be carful what you ask for” ... all is heard.

We know that when you receive our prayer email, many of you are grateful. And then, there are some that say “yeah, whatever” and delete it. Some even decide, I can’t be bothered with this anymore and have cancelled their newsletter subscription too. That’s giving up! And, that’s announcing to the Universe you no longer want good things in your life. You then have attached a negative vibration to yourself for self-harm and this is not how your soul wants to vibrate.

Spirit says many of you do not know what we do with your prayers, so I will tell you.

  • Every one of them is printed out on pink paper for love. Folded neatly and placed in our blessing box. Every plea from a client a friend in an email is also done this way for it is a prayer for help.
  • There is a blessing book also, and every person that comes through our doors is written in it. Your phone calls and other emails asking for help are listed as well and placed in this book.
  • Some send their requests by mail; all are unopened as we have said. We don’t peek. Spirit knows who you are. No one is ever left out of this circle. This is a formality. The next step is the best of all.
  • We pray over the blessing box and book. We meditate on your words. Individually sighting your name and request. We call in the Masters to help. Each individual Master has a job to do and they are happy and attentive to this role every time we call them.

There are times when we empty the box and do a releasing and burning ritual, which magnifies the prayer work. Every time, the flames that burn are colorful and magical. The smoke rings that lift to the Heavens are real. And for that moment, the energy of pure peace and silence falls with thanks from the Angels, Masters, God, and Spirit that time was taken to ask for help.

The blessing box sits in our center; it’s on show for all. Some have thought it was meant for donations so people have passed by it quickly not understanding its use. The pad is there to leave your prayer/wish for yourself or another. If you wanted total privacy, we have asked that you put it in a sealed envelope.

Our intention is always Care. Care is also Love. And the Universe loves to vibrate to this energy whenever it can.

Perhaps you now have a better understanding of this request and look forward to next time it is available to you. Why wouldn’t you? After all, you are a soul that needs to continue to feed on love and light.


Dr. Michael and K

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