FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)

Last Updated January 27th, 2012

Frequently Asked Questions:

Clairvoyant, Medical Intuitive & Mediumship Readings FAQ's

Can I Get A Clairvoyant Reading By Dr. Michael Or K? How Long Will I Have To Wait For An Appointment?

Yes. Dr. Michael and K are both giving in-person clairvoyant readings and give psychic phone readings, Skype online psychic readings and psychic email readings. The waiting period for new appointments is generally one-to-two months. Use the Book A Session form or Call 0422 130 966 to schedule.

Can You Tell Me About My Past Lives Or The Names Of My Angels, Spirit Guides, Or Spirit Animals?

Yes. However, there is not much to be gained by looking into the past lives. What’s done is done. There are times when past life information presents itself because of similar current issues. When these are present, they will be addressed. And, we all have guardian angels with us and spirit guides of many types, depending on what the need is for a given person. Yes, we can tell you their names. But, some high level guides or non-human guides have no need for names. If you have specific questions you want addressed, please be prepared with your questions. Spirit will answer you to the best of their ability. Please note, we only say what Spirit wishes to deliver; we are only messengers.

Is Dr. Michael Or K A Psychic Medium? Can They Talk To The Dead? Do I Have Dead People Around Me?

Yes. Both can receive information from the deceased and pass this on to the client. However, this is K’s specialty. She is a trance channeler and a psychic medium similar to Sylvia Browne, Gordon Smith, and others. K will often allow the deceased loved ones to step into her and allow them to talk through her, if this is what you wish.

Everyone has deceased loved ones around them who follow our progress through life. But they are not with us, right next to us, at all times. They can be summoned. But only they can choose to come if they want. We can not bring through the unwilling or unavailable.

If you are specifically wanting to talk to the deceased, please tell K at the beginning of your appointment, as extra energy is required to channel the messages. She prefers to prepare herself for mediumship to give you the best experience.

What Is An In-Person Clairvoyant Reading Like? How Is This Different From An Email Reading, A Skype Reading Or A Phone Reading?

A clairvoyant reading is simply a conversation between a clairvoyant and a client. It is neither frightening nor scary, but our forgotten pasts are not forgotten to Spirit, who were with us when those events occurred.

The clairvoyant will talk to their own spirit guides and angels and to the angels and spirit guides around the client to pass on messages from Spirit to you. We will provide what Spirit wishes to deliver about the past, present and future. Not all future outcomes are knowable, nor should all outcomes be known in advance. Spirit will not burden us with things we cannot bear. And, Spirit cares for us too much to let us hurt ourselves or continue to hurt ourselves. Spirit often will advise the client not to do things in his or her life that would be harmful and will generally give us ways to improve our situations.

Know this: it is up to the client to do what Spirit suggests. Spirit does know what they are talking about and they do know what is good for us, even if we refuse to accept it. And, no difficult situation lasts forever.

Phone readings are much the same as an in-person reading, only the client calls an incoming-call-only number, provided for the purpose of the reading. We also give readings using Skype (connect.with.spirit) with or without video. Email readings provide overall client information about their life situations and Spirit’s recommendations. The client may provide up to 5 questions which are addressed in the email reading.

Can I Tape Or Record The Reading? Will Connect With Spirit Provide Me With A Recording?

No. Our insurance does NOT allow or encourage the use of recordings of psychic readings.

Dr. Michael is a Medical Intutive. What is a Medical Intuitive?

A medical intuitive is a person who gets information about the medical conditions and health status of the client’s body. A medical intuitive can ‘scan’ the inside of the body, much like an xray or CT-scan.  Dr. Michael is a medical intuitive, similar to Caroline Myss. As a retired, U.S.-trained physician, Dr. Michael’s spirit guides often provide medical information to share with his clients. However, Dr. Michael is not practicing medicine at this time. He does not diagnose or prescribe medications or therapies, yet he often compliment's Spirit's information from the acquired general medical information from his training and practice of western medicine.

What Is The Difference Between A Clairvoyant And A Psychic?

All people are psychic and all have psychic abilities - yet some possess skills that are extraordinary and some make their living by passing on messages from Spirit. A clairvoyant is a very visual psychic and someone who sees Spirit, sees the dead, and sees images from Spirit. Are all psychics clairvoyants? No. Some are claircognizant (they just know), some are clairaudient (they hear words from Spirit), and some are clairsentient (they feel the answers from Spirit). Most are combinations of the above. Both K and Dr Michael use all four abilities, but K's strongest way she receives Spirit information is visually. Dr Michael's strongest sense is just knowing from Spirit.

Connect with Spirit Psychic Development Workshops FAQ's

I Am Not Psychic, Am I? Why Do You Say That I Am Psychic?

Everyone is psychic or capable of being psychic, just as all humans are capable of almost every human behavior. But, not everyone is aware of how they receive psychic information from Divine Source. If you don’t know how you do something, then how can you consistently do it again and again? The rest of the answer is too complex to answer in one or two paragraphs. Attend one of our card reading workshops or general or advanced psychic development workshops and find out for yourself that you already possess the necessary skills to be your own psychic.

What Do You Teach In Your General And Advanced Psychic Development Workshops?

Please see the events pages for our workshop information. The topics are listed under general and advanced psychic development workshops.

What Is The Most Important Skills To Learn Or Attitudes To Have To Be A Better Psychic?

  • Childlike Curiosity
  • Happiness
  • TRUST!

Connect with Spirit Card Reading Workshop FAQ's

Can I Obtain Accurate Psychic Information From Angel Cards? Can Your Methods Make Me A Better Psychic Reader?

ABSOLUTELY!  In our one-on-one sessions and workshops we teach our Be Your Own Psychic card reading method - the method taught to us by Spirit. It has been used by hundreds to improve his or her skills dramatically. Even people who have never used cards before have had good results. Of course, no guarantees can be made for who will do well, and who will do exceptionally well, but our testimonials and our results speak for themselves.

Why Use Angel Cards And Not Tarot Cards?

There are picture tools for psychic readings like angel cards, Tarot cards, poker decks/playing cards, and other card decks available. There are some complex systems for readings cards and there are tarot card readers, angel intuitives, angel therapy practitioners, among others who read cards for psychic information. But, not everyone has the same proficiency with card reading, nor working with Spirit. We are angel card readers, not tarot card readers. We use the method Spirit taught us. We can only teach what we know.

Why not Tarot cards? Some say: because the imagery on most tarot card decks can be considered offensive or threatening – for example, the hangman/death card evokes feelings in clients and/or readers that, in our opinion, interferes with maintaining a peaceful, pure connection to Spirit. This connection and relationship is not to be feared but embraced.

Can You Teach Anyone To Read Cards?

Yes. We haven’t met a person yet who couldn’t succeed with our method. Although, the Earth is a big place…

Connect with Spirit Manifesting Workshops FAQ's

What Is Manifesting? Or, What Is The Art Of Manifesting?

Manifesting or creating is completely natural and happening regardless of our awareness. Manifesting follows from the Universal Laws of Cause & Effect, and the Law of Attraction. The Art of Manifesting was made popular by movies like ‘The Secret’ and Abraham, through channeler of Abraham, Esther Hicks. Becoming aware of how we are manifesting allows the obvious… conscious creation of what was intended. Most are unaware of what and how they are manifesting the situations in their lives.

What Do You Teach In A Manifesting Workshop?

We provide several instructional tools in a humorous way to enable you to understand how you are getting what you are creating… and how to improve on it… how to manifest what you want.

Meditation FAQ's

Why Can't I Meditate? What Is Blocking My Meditations? What Am I Doing Wrong?

Who knows? Everyone is different. Yet, the most common reason for not being able to meditate is talking to yourself, that is 'thinking' or a 'busy mind' while trying to meditate. Most meditation methods aim to get the client to quiet the mind. There are many mindful techniques and breathing patterns to achieve this. There is no 'one-size fits all' meditation method. However, with thousands of meditation students to our credit, the Connect with Spirit meditation method works particularly well for relaxing the body and promotes and allows deep meditation. Give it a try.

Reiki & Energy Healing FAQ's

What Is A Reiki Session Like? What Is Energy Healing?

Reiki energy comes from the Creator and this universal love energy is part of all living things. This invisible energy is used to restore balance to the chakras, auras, and the energetic body of the client.

This energy is channeled through the hands of an attuned individual into the client. Reiki energy often feels like a warm soothing and sometimes subtle vibration. Some experience the sensation like a buzzing/vibration or a jiggling within their bodies, but most experience the heat from the hands as being significantly, but not unpleasantly warm.

Energy healing and the use of Reiki is thousands of years old. The concepts of the Chi in Tai Chi, Ki or Chi in Ki Gong or Chi Gong, the Chi or the ‘vital life force’ as in acupuncture/acupressure/Shiatsu massage, and the Prana of yoga are all essentially components of the same concept: Energy flows within the body. And, this energy can become blocked and unblocked - by skilled practitioners who know how to manipulate this energy and restore the proper flow. And, yes: A client can easily feel the difference between the start of a session and the end of a session. They often describe feeling ‘lighter.’

Dr. Michael and K are both Reiki Masters in the Usui tradition. Dr. Michael is a Chi Gong energy healing practitioner and is the only one giving energy healing sessions at this time; K no longer gives Reiki healings. If Dr. Michael is so guided, he may perform remote Reiki energy healing work at the time of the phone or Skype medical intuitive evaluation. Reiki is simply offered, but only sent, if requested and allowed. You are under no obligation to receive this energy if you do not wish this type of healing. Searching Google the Internet for 'Reiki' will provide background on what Reiki is and how this universal energy is beneficial. Most, but not all will perceive the feeling and effect of Reiki energy. Be advised that energy healing may result in energetic shifts within the body over the following few days after the session, perhaps only very subtle but may be quite noticeable. These energy shifting effects are temporary and harmless as the body restores a more normal flow of energy. Many report feeling significantly improved from Reiki treatments and the energy realignments.

Connect with Spirit Workshops (in General) FAQ's

Do You Travel? Will You Come To Teach Or Speak Near Us?

ABSOLUTELY. As spiritual public speakers, we would love to bring Spirit’s work to you, including overseas travel. Please email or call 0422 130 966 to discuss the possibilities of having a public or private workshop or seminar near you.

Why Do I Need To Bring Personal Items To A Workshop?

To enhance your experience. For example, when teaching a card reading workshop, for example, it would be best to USE YOUR OWN card deck(s).

See our event terms and conditions for more information on this topic.

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