Spirit's Invocation Prayer™ as a Bookmark of Truth, Light, and Gratitude

Last Updated June 27th, 2013
Spirit's Invocation Prayer™ as a Bookmark of Truth, Light, and Gratitude

Invocation Prayer

God, the Universe, Source, The Holy Spirit have provided us with this invocation prayer. It is not a catholic prayer, a christian prayer, a sufi prayer or even a muslim prayer. It is not to compete with or replace the Lord's Prayer or any other prayers. We did not create this invocation. Spirit did. Spirit told us to use this prayer of invocation prayer and to teach it to others. And so, we have.

Spirit's Invocation Prayer 

Spirit's Invocation Prayer™ is a non-denominational prayer that was given to us from the Divine Source to use for comfort, safety, and acknowledgment of who we are in relation to the Divine.

God, the Creator, the Great Spirit, the Universe, the Divine - or whatever label you have for our Source - has seen fit to give us this prayer of peace and protection as an invocation. It begins with I Believe in the Name of God, and then invokes God's Light, Protection and Guidance, before expressing gratitude and peace.


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To invoke is to call forth, or to call on for aid and protection. To us, an invocation is a summons - of God and his angels and all of the Masters and beings of Light to come, purely because we have called them and invoked them. It is a recognition of Truth. It is an assertion of Truth. It is an expression and expansion of our own Light. And, it is a demonstration of Faith and a statement of Gratitude.

Use Spirit's Invocation Prayer™ anytime during the day, daily, morning, evening or before and after your meditations to strengthen your connection to the Divine Light and to protect you during your travels. The Light is always available to all, especially those who travel in dark places. The Light always abolishes the darkness. We say this prayer multiple times every day. We hope you will too.

May the Richest Peace and Love of All the Universe Be With You.

Spirit's Invocation Prayer™ Bookmark is suitable for every book and meditation journal and makes a perfect gift.

This durable and beautiful 2.3 in x 8.3 in (58mm x 210mm) full-color bookmark is cutout at the top around the Connect with Spirit Lotus™ and is printed on 300 gm cello-glazed coated stock.

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