The Guardians Channeled Message | New Ways of Living

Last Updated June 27th, 2013

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The Guardians Channeled Message | New Ways of Living

the Guardians Channeled Message image"We THE GUARDIANS are a group of many that oversee the earthly souls. The time is crucial for you to hear us and understand that the new world for you has new ways. You must implement these new life paths to be a successful race. As we speak, many of us are implanting the millions of ideas you will receive:

  • New ways of living. Consolidating your land. Many dwellings on one property, people living in unity, helping each other. Growing your own food to eat raw.

  • Solving your health issues. Blending science with spirituality in treatments. Stop writing the false scripts [prescriptions] that serve no good; instead, see to the issue of the complaint, not the symptom.

  • Living with less stress. Every person must practice a form of meditation or prayer ritual. Time management is to be used more efficiently, please. Your race is full of procrastinators and "I will do it later' individuals... but not for long.

  • New work applications. Job sharing will occur for 24 hours a day. Many work day shift when they are more productive at night. Shorter hours and shift work will take over. Many will work from home and your buildings will nearly empty. Money will be made by your wireless systems.

  • Losses and gains. Eat well. Be at the lower weight - your body is meant to function well. Sleep is rest and no longer an issue. Everybody works - civilization flourishes. Political ways that serve no use will be lost. New leaders will form revolutions.

We are entertaining many already through your daydreams, sleeping dreams and meditations. Your psychic skills will be restored to connect your Higher Self to a higher, much higher frequency than before.  Sadly we tell you, some will not allow this, and so they will miss the journey laid before them. New families are to be formed and different leaders will rise.

Many of you carry old past hurts and have taken far too long to accept things. As you say, 'with a flick of a switch', you will have this removed for you, wondering why these situations do not erode your mind and heart any longer. We and you have no time for this and you must see things more clearly. If we are to present you with new life paths you cannot and will not continue to carry the baggage. Do not be foolish and ignore our signs and messages, for those who disregard us are welcome to their darkness, while the others walk in their light.

Call on us, the Guardians, to harness the energy of knowledge and spread it to the world. Leave your bad manners and complaining at the table. You will soon tap into your brothers and sisters of the other worlds. They sense your fear now. Fear is an illusion - often used to control others. Be blind to fear by your faith and accept change as merely something new. Your water, electricity, and food can be saved. The ideas in your head are proof of the work of the new leaders in the world.

Do not delay. The blueprints are laid out and have been past on for your new world. We ask that you look after each other in a greater way, knowing who is the enemy and who is a friend. Know this: we warn you... the world is being divided. This was not the [original] plan. Again, we ask you to hear us as we speak our words.  We are guiding you so that your race continues for generations to come. Your history speaks of nations that have disappeared, and so history will repeat itself [again]. What is taken will be restored and new nations will be formed.

The soot that covers your world is of Mother Earth and man blending together to begin anew. You cannot ignore the rumbling of your earth. You can find peace from making the best of what you have. You are asked to be responsible. Listen to us. Our wisdom is yours. Everyone of you knows what we will deliver. Many have awoken from their sleep, ready to make the change.

We are with you...", said the Guardians.

Copyright 2011.  Connect with Spirit Pty. Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Channeled Spirit Message from The Guardians, earth guardians, channeling by K on Google, about new ways of living, solving health issues, less stress, new work applications, etc.

Thank you for your inspiring words. They resonate truth within me and confirm my inner feelings.Janette

Blessings to you Janette!K

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