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Last Updated June 27th, 2013

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Spirit's Message from Paul the Apostle, 

Message from Saint Paul the Apostle of the 12 ApostlesAfter a morning of meditation, I wish to share with you what Paul the Apostle had to say. As I began to walk this morning with my Masters and spirit guides, Spirit filled me with the beauty of the day. I felt the sunshine across my face and around my shoulders. I could hear the traffic busy in the background and the loving sounds of the birds singing... A great way to start the day!

As usual, I asked, 'Spirit what are we working on today?'

Paul the Apostle replied, 'Dear K, we are grateful for the unity the world is seeing, however, the clean up is only a part of what is to come. Physical clean up is evident, but spiritual clean up is imperative!'

'What can I do?' I asked. 'How do you want me to do this Spirit?'

Paul the Apostle said, 'Teach what we have taught you, share the rules of surrendering and cleansing. Your human forms look at one another and say that you are 'fine', when in fact, you are not. Many are grateful for their lives being intact [after the floods], but many are angry and resentful. This energy you must shift. Actions must be taken. Prayer is not enough. And, soon you will see the [willing volunteer] help disappear as though no tragedy happened.

Watch for the silent that do not complain. They are the ones that will become the volcanoes, active and ready to erupt.

Simple tools to teach, simple energy changes to shift the consciousness into a higher level. The nonbelievers need to see the results of the shift through us, their guides, and their earthly teachers, like you and Dr Michael. We know what you have done for many already. We are aware of many more who have reached out and given. Do not be afraid to lead the path, for each path creates another and another. Many of you are seeing the gifts before you.' - St. Paul the Apostle

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