9/9/9 Channelled Message

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9/9/9 Channelled Message from the Archangels by K

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Archangels painting by K. Copyright 2009 Connect with Spirit Pty. Ltd. All rights reserved.

I attempted to meditate earlier today, but I found myself too wound up. The excitement was building within me and I could feel it in the Archangels as well.

Images were shown to me of what seemed to be a dress rehearsal. The Archangels were getting ready, preparing themselves for this journey. Their outfits were being checked, hair was done, last minute alterations seen to. Everyone in their realms was busy.

Then, there were the deceased loved ones having what seemed as having interviews with the Archangels. Everyone had a list of messages and love that must be passed to each tonight. Worldwide this all was to be known. It felt like a Christmas scene. Discussion groups were forming, it seemed, in preparation for this event.

Then, there was a hush regarding the people down here that would make no effort for their coming. I was told from Spirit that these people would not be left alone; however, it now gave an understanding of who’s who in this world. Are you making a difference on this night?

I asked the Archangels is there more I must do for this night and this is what was spoken to me.

“Child, spread your wings now for it is time to fly”. Archangel Michael had the floor. I told him how the last 2 times I tried to fly in my life were not as successful for me as I would have liked it to be. I ended up in a lot of pain and a broken arm each time I attempted to fly. It’s a childhood memory now, but I can say I did enjoy the delight of giving it a go.

He smiled, actually he laughed at me… he then said, “and who do you thing broke your fall?” He then went on to put me at ease to keep jumping in flight, “for it is the jumpers in the world that make a difference and more in life. So many of you are not even willing to take those steps. We do not wish your harm, nor broken bones, and we would never tell you to jump when there is no one to catch you. When you trust in us, you grow wings and with those wings you fly to heights that can be unimaginable. Tonight you will fly with us!”

Archangel Michael stood tall, the light around him was illuminating, and the love he sent me brought tears. “WOW, thank you God that I have an Angel like this to look after me.”

The next in line was a cheeky Spirit, fast in his chatter. He was there grooming the wings for the others. “Boy, would I like to have a set of these,” he said. I instantly saw a large set of wings wrap around him and to his surprise, it seemed as though his wish was his command. Through his boyish giggle, he told me, “I had done well to gather all the people I had for this affair. Each and everyone who comes will be blessed and thanked for a job well done. For days afterward, your people will be left with a buzz. Tears will flow and joy will build and life will have more meaning. That’s what we are here for,”he said. “Please ask us for more.”

Archangel Gabriel steps in and the trumpet blows… dat-da-ta-da!Then, a choir of Angels joins in behind him. Mother Earth is calling “please attend.”

Archangel Raphael is here now in the most amazing Emerald light. And, all of a sudden it seems as though his arms turned in to stretchy silly putty like a child’s toy we have seen. The arms begin to stretch more and more, around a group of people. Oh WOW, it was us that would be here tonight. I saw pain in some of the people in the group and love as well. It was loud and clear it did not matter what each individual was carrying, it was going to be dealt with tonight.

Oh God bless, here now comes Archangel Uriel, and Archangel Jophiel; sweet smells of perfume and a feeling of a summer breeze came over me as she steps in. They seemed to be like mothers for the group. They will infuse us with much Love and Light. True SPIRIT was within them and now in all of us as well.

This vision was so profound, each and every Archangel, Angels, Guides and Masters, Elders all standing in rows. Each and everyone of them coming here for us, again I shed a tear. They stood strong and tall, larger than life, and God’s hands held them all.

I don’t ever ask anymore, “is this really real?” because when I am seeing I know its truth always. I am blessed to work with these Masters and I ask you all to share in this joy also. I can’t wait for tonight. I have been in preparation all month and so have they that live in the realms. Tonight is the night!

“Thank you Father God, and thank you Mother Earth for blessing me with these visions and messages today. Tonight will be awesome, thank you. Thank you to all that will participate.”

Blessings to you all, K

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