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Last Updated June 27th, 2013

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Disconnected, Disheartened & Bored

Saint Germain Channeling image"It pleases me so to come to you today," said St. Germain. "Your topic is about intention."

I wondered to myself, was he talking about alchemy and transmutation? After all, St. Germain (also sometimes referred to as Master Rakoczi) was the ascended master associated with the violet flame of transmutation, not to mention assisting people with connecting with their I AM presence.

Saint Germain continued, "Too many people are disconnected, disheartened and bored with their lives. Too many see only one way, when the world is filled with many other possibilities for every situation. If you talk about failing at something then your belief is accepted and naturally, you will. If you talk as though you have not reached all your limits with success and know there is more for you, then so it shall be for you. Imagination is very real. The results it creates are real. You must learn from the children. They imagine with such ease."

I paused in the middle of my automatic writing session to really take in what St. Germain was sharing with us about how we create our lives. What he shared was in alignment with the proper manifesting principles as I understood them.

"Today I ask you," said St. Germain, "what can you do different in your life to take away this boredom, boredom that you yourself have created? I ask you, are you disconnected from life because someone discounted you? Are you disheartened because you made a mistake or two? All of those things can change if you just see that you need to create differently in your life. Every soul on earth is a painter. How you paint is up to you! So today, ride a roller coaster and scream your lungs out. Seek a new job or redecorate a room in your house. Donate your old wares so you have room for new. Leave your job if it no longer serves you. Disconnected, disheartened, and boredom situations are very real - you are the ones that allowed this in your life, so change it now. The heavenly realms are with you. I will create more desires for you. I have been doing that even as the soul, K, writes my words. As the days roll on, please take note of how your imagination can take off in all situations and do more of it. Remember, I bless you with the righteous power to create all new things in your life now. I thank you."

Who is Saint Germain?

According to the wikipedia, multiple resources and condensed, St. Germain is a legendary spiritual master of the ancient wisdom in the Theosophical and post-Theosophical teachings. He has been thought to have discovered the secret to immortality, and described as a courtier, adventurer, alchemist, pianist, violinist and composer.

Here are some more online Saint Germain resources:


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