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Last Updated January 15th, 2016

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Phonix Meditation As Seen and Channeled by K during an Oct 2008 meditation circle: While tuning into Spirit this day they guided me with some information about a planet called Phonix (pronounced Phoenix), trillions of galaxies away. The race on this planet gave me a glimpse as to who they were and what they represented. I saw their homes, dome like with a center meeting place that was built of crystal. I saw what they looked like, the energy form they took on. They were a tall race of souls and they did not use their mouths to talk. All communication was done telepathically through the mind and the soul/heart. Their life was simple. They could just be. Their thoughts were simple, not complicated like ours. There was no need. They did not eat like we do or have the need to. As they moved so did the most amazing bright light within them and around them. No real distinct features of a body, just a form. Some were of coloured lights, but most of them were the most brilliant white. This vision stayed with me throughout the day, and so in our meditation circle that night, Spirit decided to take our meditation circle people there too. I gave them no information other than they were going to a planet called Phonix, as spirit requested. As Dr. Michael set the mood with the music and sounded a singing bowl for pitch, I guided our group high up through the galaxies, flying fast through the stars. Spirit guided me with these words "up high, up high, through the stars, to our destination... Phonix). As the singing bowl took on a different energy I spoke words again in a different tone of voice... "Welcome... Welcome... " Spirit guided me to move energy throughout the group, telepathically asking them all to join each other with their visions of this planet Phonix. As the group came out, discussion of this journey was opened. They all had reached this planet. They described the beings as I had seen and been told about. Everyone had a piece of what I knew from Spirit, plus more information to add. They were all surprised how quickly they got there and how much they had seen. Some still had that look a deer gets when caught in the car headlights. Most of the group wished they could stay in Phonix and not return home. My closing statement to the group was, "they will not come to you, for you must go to them. They will always welcome you to their planet. Be healed through this experience and know you can always journey there." One person in the group stated the brilliance and radiance of this race was truly unbelievable and found themselves speechless, as they bathed in the energy of this race while they were there.

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Spirit Message

Step through the golden window; allow the eye to show you how and where to travel. Please bend as the trees do in the gentle breeze, smile always with a caring heart, and see what is always around you with open eyes.

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