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Roger, channelled 31st July 2009

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“I am Roger, an English gentleman from the early 18th Century. I find your world interesting. My, you have much-at-hand. Ah but, the ladies are not ladies and the men are not the gentlemen for which they were bred for. Who allowed this monstrosity? Manners, please. Your relationships are odd, no one seems to know who belongs, are you happy with this? Surely not! Who has the lead? I can see that progress was inevitable. Does it all really work the way you all hoped it would be? I see not, and as I sit with my wine in my hand, I see you are not really pleased. Through my window, my countryside rolls on forever and ever with beauty. Your world is so crowded. You call this 'progress', I see. Our place in life was formed with rules. I know, you say, that was your time. Yes, we had the poor and the rich like you do today and yes, we fought amongst ourselves also. Yet, in chaos as it could be seen, we still knew where our place was. While watching you I see, your language offers more, yet it causes more entanglements for you. What is ‘the rap’ you believe? History, I see has repeated itself… different times, different scenes, different life. I am here to tell you some good old-fashioned qualities is what you need. When a man is not the head of his house or table, then he is not a man any longer. When a woman is not appreciated for the beauty and demure she has about her, then she becomes a withered creature full of poisoned sap. Who and why do you wish this upon yourselves? Can you not see the balance is out? Go back in time and learn the pleasantries, find your truths and allow progress to be positive for you. My dinner calls and I must go, and yes, I sit at the head of the table. Man does not have to be a bully - gentleness is required. Honour is expected and respect is given. The woman is the same, respect each other, stand together, understand your roles. I bid you… good day.”


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