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Quan Yin Channeled 31 July 2009

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Guan Yin

“The power is within you, my name is Quan Yin. I thank you for the gifts you give me when I enter your realm. I am the goddess of compassion… and this is what your world needs at this time. Many of you do not look deeply within yourself. Ah, but you look at others not in truth (not as they are). There is no need for this. When you can take time to sit in quietness, then one will realise the beauty around and within you that you possess. The little children are coming now blessed with gifts to change this world. Your Earth must accept the new. There is no way you can ignore it now. For those who refuse change, be prepared to be left behind. This is not a journey, it is a choice, and you must choose wisely. My energy is around you. Many of you do call me without realising. The elderly seek me more. Why do you allow them to be lonely? Please do not leave them by themselves. Too busy many of you say. Ah, slowness creates grace, grace becomes character, and love is needed everywhere… to allow oneself to heal and the world. As my energy drifts over your world, I enter all portals that are necessary. My tears I cry for you are only to release the old, and then you may call in the new. You call me as a God, yet I am only a humble servant. My position has always been understood. Look for my light, a green light that hums as I surround you with peace. I ask of you to stop what is harmful in your life and seek the state of enlightenment. Do not delay, change now, and move with essence through you. The pixies and the elves are all around you stirring up the magic. They are wishing to help with abundance, which is so greatly needed in your world and your lives. Step through the golden window; allow the eye to show you how and where to travel. Please bend as the trees do in the gentle breeze, smile always with a caring heart, and see what is always around you with open eyes. Pray to me, I am always here.

- Quan Yin

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