Nikola Tesla Message - Give Man Free Energy Now

Last Updated June 27th, 2013
Nikola Tesla Message - Give Man Free Energy Now

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Nikola Tesla - Give Man Free Energy Now 





It is Nikola Tesla that has come to me with this information to share with the world. He is adamant that people understand that we have the power to create free energy now for the world. Below are Nikola Tesla's words.

"Madam, please tell the people that my machines are now more valuable than ever. I was mistaken in hoping that the government in my day would care for the people. Instead, they created a smoke screen of dependance and have now dug themselves into such a hole that they no longer know how to get out of. Their greed with money and control of the people has lessened the life of many on this earth. You humans are continuing to create at the speed of light and so it is imperative to keep up with the speed (of creation).

In my time, I created many inventions to harness the raw energy. I have proven time and time again I was to do exactly what I was to do... Give man free energy (now!). I see that many men who have tried to harness my work in such a way have been judged and held back in their desires to help the world. It is now time for drastic measures and so hear me. If every single home and building/business were to have my apparatuses/machines built into it (solar panels would surely to add to this), it will then knock off the government's energy grids and overpower them, thus allowing free energy for all and you will have then ruled your new ways. With free energy, every business runs more efficiently, every household has to capability to design any temperature they wish. Ask yourself, why have the new homes not included theses sun panels or my machines? Why is a car still running on (gasoline) fuel when there is less fuel now to take from this earth? It seemed a good idea when first proposed but then the government would lose too much money. They would be paying you back for the energy collected and then find they had too much energy and too little money. No longer are these panels suggested, no longer are your deals done. No longer is it a requirement and so now your bills go up, and yet your wages do not.

There will be interference with your electric systems first, an overload, amazing amounts of energy will surge throughout the universe. This will create 3 days of darkness and then there will be light greater than before. Imagine, heat for everyone, unlimited cool for the hot temperatures, never interference for technical machines. Pure, raw energy bouncing from place to place. And everything would run more efficiently. There are thousands doing this already and the government is upset, for they know it is not long before the people will refuse the government ways and take matters in their own hands.

My world was a very different world to what it is today for you. But one thing never changes, progress and man's understanding of personal power within. You came from the dark ages where a man rubbed stick and stone together to make a spark. Then, machines were made and man was amazed at life that became more than ever one thought one could believe in. Today your technology has escalated to the point of no return for the loss of time that you have created. Your fuel is running out, your resources are no longer there and now I speak from the grave to be heard, for once upon a time I was declared insane to tell the world this could be done for its need of survival.

This free energy movement I ask you to share with others is not to punish your government, instead it is the beginning of them working for the people again, giving life that is free and to be treasured. NO ONE must sit in the darkness, the (sun) light has always been there to be used, so use it!"

-Nikola Tesla

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