Moses: Spirit Message for Unity

Last Updated June 27th, 2013

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Moses: Spirit Message for Unity

(The following spirit message came shortly after the reports of Osama Bin Laden was killed in the war on terrorism by the Americans for his role in funding and spreading of hatred and terrorism.)

Moses: channeled message for unity imageI stood there cleaning my teeth in the bathroom and suddenly I felt the need to lift my head out of the basin and look up. A voice spoke to me.

"Yes, it is I," said Moses, "and I will be speaking through you for your people."

I welcomed Moses. In the mirror standing behind me I could him. He was tall, weathered and with wooly white hair. Moses wore a large robe, and had light surrounding him. The face was gentle, old and his long white beard seemed to go on forever. His eyes were blue and he smiled at me with gentleness and love.

Moses asked me to finish up what task I was doing and sit with him in the quietness. And so I did as a willing servant of God's. Spirit was with me. I could feel the energy; it was strong. I sat on the corner of the bed and the room went dark. My eyes closed and I was ready to listen to the message that was needed to be given. The moments of quietness were eerie before I felt Moses' strong presence. Warmth began to surge through me and I was ready to receive. I have sat with this Master before. Moses was about trust and having faith in God; he stood up for his people. He led nations, not with ease, but with devotion. A grand life Moses led as he was allowed to speak the will of God. Moses looked at me again with his warm smile. It felt like I had a front row seat to the story he was about to deliver. As he stood before me, taller than I, Moses raised his staff and thundered these words..."THOU SHALT NOT KILL!"

My body shook. Before me, I saw two worlds divide. One lower world in darkness and one higher world in light. Then Moses used his staff that suddenly became a lightning rod of power. As a sword can slice, the staff of lightning seared through the two worlds. I could hear voices that cried and some that laughed. A purple haze formed over both and I heard a faint hissing sound, like the sizzling of food when it touches a hot pan. My vision before me then was surrounded by a golden ball of light, and the lower world was no longer dark like before. Much of the world images were now blended.  I found myself cocooned in rings of this same golden light. I felt safe, as though nothing could harm me. Moses was standing to the side of these rings and his staff tip was rested on the very top of the first ring above my head. As I sat in this vortex made especially for me, I could hear many voices all talking at once.

"Hear their voices, child," Moses said. "They are yours to teach."

I was now bathing in this Utopian energy, waiting to hear the message I would deliver.

Moses explained… "'Thou shalt not kill' has not been understood clearly. There is no eye-for-an-eye. When will you understand this? Do you wish to walk a desert of barren? Your wars are of wrongs, religions do not exist but only for the paper they are on. A commitment was given. An action was then seen for your race to understand power. This is not power, as you believe it to be. This is war you have declared on yourselves. Do you not understand the ramifications these actions have brought upon the innocent. For centuries now, wars have been fought with no real deliverance. Only to find each side is weary and broken. The world was given for you to experience, and to hopefully live in joy; to understand the meaning of Love in all things. Yet, many are in denial that this is not the purpose of life at all. Struggles are made from this ignorance.

The leaders of your world listen, two worlds I have shown you, one wishes to hate and one wishes to love. You are divided now and have real choices to change this quickly. The heavens will not get over crowded from the many souls returning home, for there are other worlds to live upon. And many new will be born to survive another generation. The world as you know it will not end, but you need to be aware of the darkness in the days that are still upon you. Many will die all at the wrong hands. It is written because many have not evolved as your journey should have. You will see famine more than before and temperatures that will change the climate. Many will not survive because of this change. It is a cleansing, however, many were brought to this Earth to lead the change and they have not walked the path they were to.

Thinking alike is now important more than ever. One road with many journeys, life will still unfold. There is not enough gratitude, there is not enough love, there is too much knowledge but so much lack of people who are listening to us. We are watching, my clan, your clan in the Heavens. We have not left you, we are joining you and asking many to connect with us and correct the vibration this world has collected. Some do not understand our messages, yet they will deliver them anyway and others who have the messages will not deliver them for fear. We say stand and be accounted for, you have been given this to make a difference, to challenge another, to guide a group, or to heal the world. Many talk of love and light, now that [saying] must be put into action. As humans you want proof. How much more proof can we give you? A child of innocence loves more than an adult that has lived a life already.

Your vessels [bodies] are not meant for death in horror. They were only meant to last a certain time. The slaying of billions is not acceptable. However, if you allow this then the blood is on your hands. Peace! Some shout the word but many refuse to commit to it. Hear me. Every action now is accountable and only you will know whether it is a loss or a gain.

For those who fear, you should, for it is your neighbour perhaps that is now your enemy when they should have been your friend. You have the knowledge to change things. Do so. If not, when you arrive home you will be sadly disappointed to find out you do have to go back and do it again. High in the heavens there are many more worlds, as I have said. Galaxies that are far more intricate than your scientists know of. Stars that exist of planets living in harmony and other worlds that live of war also. 'Duality' is your phrase, 'life experience' is ours. If you think you can do this alone, then you have not evolved to your full purpose. Unity will be the blessing [you require] in your world."

Moses stopped speaking. As I came out of this energy, my last pictures I saw were of ancient times, like when the gladiators fought for their lives in a coliseum. There were hundreds and hundreds of people chanting, leaping from their seats. The circled vortex still surrounded me and the dust from the ground lifting like from a gust of wind. I heard these words from the crowd…SPEAK, DELIVER, TEACH. I humbly bowed before them. My answer to them, I WILL!

From this session with Moses I understand many things: I am protected, I am a servant and I have a big part to play in healing this world. I am ready, are you? What messages are you receiving? What feelings do you have as to what to do next? Can you make a difference? We all have a gift. Let's unite and take clear actions.

Blessings, K

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