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Last Updated June 27th, 2013

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Mother Teresa Channeled by K - on Google 12 Jan 2009

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"Hello my children. My, how I have missed you all. From my babies to my friends, I wish you to know I am truly missing you all."

Mother Teresa continued, "When I walked mother's Earth, I knew there was so much to be done. And from above now, I see it all so more. I miss the touch of a child. I weep for when a child cannot smile, a man that is hurting and a woman who is not loved. When will you change this?

What are you all doing? Do you not see that each and every one of you have the ability to be a disciple for the Lord. My work was never done, and nor is yours today. Do not let people suffer, find a way. Help one another.

My time below was not long enough. My years moved fast and many promised the work would be done. Are you like this? Can you afford to be? Who are you in this world of today?

The change has begun, it is right under your feet. Do not run, stay and be all that you can be. From the realms up high, we all can help you, please pray, blessed meek and mild."

-Mother Teresa

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