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Last Updated June 27th, 2013

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The Minxes Channelled 

“Oh, it’s dark here … where are we? The light is our guide … we are the eyes. Oh, here we are … now we are here. That was fun let’s do it again. Do you know how many portals there are to your world? Lots and lots and lots. Everyone of them is fun to ride on … weeeeeeeee. We have come to this world before. We know more than you do. Some of you do not need to stay. We bring you mischief and magic when you allow us to. Our world is filled with little people. We are happy all the time. Our wish for your world is the same … happiness. We came to play with you; many of you do not know how to play. Serious, serious, serious. You intentions are questioned all the time. Why do you do this? In our world … we are all the same, happy little people. In your world … you are all different, and sad. We can be called the “dust of change.” We can give you a smile when you do not want to smile. We are the thoughts amongst you when you seemed pleased for no reason. We are the light from the darkness. Minxes we are. We are from the Elemental world. Many of you have drawn us unknowingly as to who we are. We have a glow of blue about us. We can fly; we can burrow underground. We can disappear into the trunks of trees. We do not mix with other worlds, we only visit when it is allowed. We come to trade with you. A gift for you and a gift for me. We levitate and can appear and disappear, because our bodies are light and not complicated like yours. Pleasure or pain? You choose. We choose pleasure. Can you be happy? Think for a moment. Find happy inside of you. What is your memory of it? Can you keep it? Of course! I know you want to know more about our world…ah, let’s see: You know we are little people, but our world is not little. We live in our sector, and then there are others that live in their sector. We can heal a tree or grow a flower and so our world is lush and plenty. The colours are brighter than your world and no one is ever sick; there is no need for that. We live Eternally. We plant and deposit on and in other worlds. We have animals, but we have no need to eat them. Our streams of water flow perfectly. Everything has a balance, not like your world; you are spinning the wrong way. We have no fear here. Our sun is warm, but does not kill like yours does. The night sky is not black like yours. It is a crimson blanket of beauty; the stars are for the galaxies. Time is not important, for our tasks will always be done. There is much room for play here. No cities like yours … villages are real. Some of us have pointy ears. And some have round. We squeal at times but not from fright; it is our vibration when entering a new force field. Our food is simple: ‘bits and best’ we like to say. We have a ground keeper; your equivalent is an emperor. He oversees us all and everyone is pleased. We do not know war as you do in your world. We avoid anything that is not in alignment to our vibration. I guess by now you find it hard to imagine our world … a place that is of bliss and works together. Well, yes. This is what we have in our world, light years away from you. You can wish on us, call us for extra spirit in your being. Our childlike form is given out daily; not always do you wish to accept us. Serious, serious, serious. What are you going to do about that? Come into our realms and enjoy. Weeeeeeeeeeee.”

- the Minxes

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