Maulk, Si & Raize Channelling

Last Updated March 19th, 2011

Spirit Messages

Maulk, Si, and Raize Channelled by K 11 April 2009

“Calling out for intelligent beings… Warning, Warning! Do they know who they are? (Mocking our humour) Greetings and welcome to the light workers that choose to make a difference. It saddens us that there is not more of you. Where has your intelligence gone? Everyday this Earth loses… and (the) gains (are) not enough to replace (what has been lost). We here in our plane are a group of souls who know how to work together; we do not know any other way. Your world still very much challenges this thought and action. We watch and wait in anticipation, for there is an expectation that you will fix your errors… kindness would help you all!! Do you know that there are other worlds waiting for some of you to explore when it is time to leave. There is more you must learn first. Do you all seek this? Who speaks through this willing vessel is Maulk, Si, and Raize. We are what you call ‘generals.’ Our mission is to silence the bitterness that too many of you hold within your souls. No time for that action any longer… time for freedom and chance. Yes, chance is what we say to you. Can you all imagine what it would be like to have a chance to win in life? Win in everything… because you can. Many of you are not as intelligent as we first thought, so we have made allowances for that. You are all good at wasting time and not accepting responsibility for your lives and actions in your world. We are here to fill your minds of more, not less. We are with you while you walk in daylight. Many of you can say you are feeling different and seeing things that seem strange to you, or even thinking things that seem not like you. Why are you and what is happening to you? This shift is unavoidable and it is our mission to expand you. Your Jesus walked this Earth with simplicity… and still does today where he lives. Your are made of him and so your qualities are (from) his blueprint. It would be a shame not to use them. In your world, much has been misjudged. Today and (the) next today is where you must start now! Save yourselves and your world through thought!!! Look at what is before you. Challenge yourself to accept things for how they are and (create) what can become. Your world is starving – hope, love, compassion, and charity are needed amongst yourselves. Form your armies and begin the revolution… think with Love and then there are no mistakes. You have chances and you are left with these choices. Honour your Creator, for you have been born for excellence. Be honest with yourself and then another. Share. Allow another to be an individual. Do not take what is not yours. Work with another, as if you are family… because you are interconnected more than you know. ‘Many hands create light work’… (what a) clever saying this (is). Use your mind to see. We are watching and listening. Goodbye.”

- Maulk, Si, Raize

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