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Last Updated June 27th, 2013

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I call on the great wizard, Merlin with respect and understanding that I am a student to this Master. As I sit quietly, I bow my head and feel a humble presence around me. My breath is shallow and my words leave my lips, "Merlin, Merlin, come to me." The sound of the trees whistles with the breeze outside my window. The noise of birds, swallows, echo in my left ear as the energy of surprise begins to run through my body. An image of a hooded coat appears. I feel a large smile coming from this energy yet there is no one there. I remember, Merlin is a Master of trickery - a shape shifter in all his delight and true to his sorcerer's gift he has owned for centuries.

Cosmic Eye

"Sit, child," he beckons to me. "Stop (automatic) writing and listen to me," Merlin spoke in a voice of authority. "Tonight, you wish me to join your circle. Do you know that each person who arrives has too much fear within themselves? You work with me, for you know that magic is real. They do not, and teaching them ... sounds easy. For everyone, Magic is all about you in your lives, yet you see only fear: you talk about it, want it, relive it ... Your earthly ways do not serve you when you rely on a box (TV) that tells you how to feel and be.


Magic is within the Earth ... The little people wish to play. Only the children of your world hear the calls to play. The adults must listen to the children, for the stories of the little people are real .... Cleansing of the Earth is to heal it. Each soul here has a job to do. Can each of you say you are doing it? If I could truly wave the wand as you all so wish me to do, what would it really be you wished from me? Many do not know, and so, the world lies dormant to the real truths about yourselves. You all have a wand. You can all connect with me. Belief is all that is needed. Be the child within the adult. Ask to see. Want to feel. And, allow to create. Then, you will all have your magic you so crave.

Dandelion Fireworks-PHOTO 183-The halfway mark

Invocations, manifestations ... are real. Every sprite, energy guide, every angel, every Master has an assignment to connect with their loved ones which are all of you. Who is the student and who is the teacher? It does not matter, just be good at it. Connect, protect, and dare to scoop up the magical energy we can provide. Call on the magic daily. Live it. Demand it, please. Little wishes become big wishes, and big wishes become dreams. Dreams are real, and our spirits live through you, so call us, please. My little sprite, who I am here with right now, is named Caliopee (pronounced Ka-lie-o-pee). She has the magical dust you all desire. Go back to the beginning and see through the child's eyes ... The wonder, the life that seems so mystical. Come outside with me. Reach for the stars, swing with the trees as they blow in the wind. Form your circle and stand within and declare to the universe what magic you need. We can hear you loud-and-clear.

A Sunset is a colored poem that ends up Amethyst

Believe in this realm, please. We work very hard to connect with you. Yet, you dismiss us many times. Your words are foolishness and so you need to be brought into line. Thank you that you step into the circle. Thank you that you believe. Do not give up in teaching the truths what we are here. As the energy of this world gets dimmer then there is more room for things to become brighter. Be careful when you invoke me and the others from my realms. We wish commitment, not failure. The anger in this world must be replaced with delight. Look at this word closely, please: D--E--LIGHT ... Day, Evening, Light. A simple tool to live by. Invoke it always and magic will begin. One step, two steps, and then three. Simple, humble and with ease. I am the Master of Change. Work with me and see how quickly the old is new. May the cauldrons burn bright, the herbs heal, and the connections spread as the new fire within is infused."

- Merlin, the Wizard

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