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Last Updated June 27th, 2013

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Archangel Michael Channelled by K on Google 8th June 2009

“Dear Ones, and I can call you dear ones, because you are, that is what you are to us. Today in this world, everyone is searching for their purpose in life. We are truly aware of this. With some, this brings much confusion and sadness. And then there are others, who are truly on their paths filled with happiness and much delight. We are pleased for those and we ask the others to catch up quickly please, for the time is near to change much in this world. Every one of you is needed for the shift; can you not see what the world is showing you? So how can you change this? How can you make this journey easier? No need to struggle as many of you seem to do. Love thy neighbour. Can you help another in need? Do you find it easier to help a stranger before you can help a family member or a friend? Can you commit to your life and then to another? Can you achieve more with ease? Yes, Yes, and Yes is the answer always. We angels of the realms prefer to work with Yes’s. Now search your heart and act on it. Please, some may need to start simple. Believe that all things are possible. Give thanks in your lives for the good and the bad. Create energy of love that is necessary for this world to survive. Act today… plant a seed and watch the harvest. Be conscious of your thoughts, for they can be the enemy. You know that words are your actions, which then become your character. Are you and angry person or a happy person? Negative behaviour will feed the fire that is not welcome in your home. Positive behaviour will grow a garden and be the wonderful destiny you are all worthy of. For growth is the answer always. What are you learning today? If you are alone in this world then you have achieved this all by yourself. God put billions of you life forms on this Earth so you would not and could not be alone. Create your future. CHOOSE IT! Every day you watch the crumbling around you, STOP IT, CHANGE IT, MOVE IT, NOW! Please choose this for your path and save your life, which saves the world. Abundance is the key; we all know you know this word. Do you really understand or practice the give-and-receive exchange? To want love, you must understand that you have love. To give, then you must accept. Enjoy your fruits while you can. Expect more and you shall have more. Rewards are always there. So what is your purpose? My children, the fact that you are here living in this world is your purpose. What and how you do with your life is up to you! We ask, please make the right choices NOW. We are all with you.”

- Archangel Michael

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Spirit Message

To want love, you must understand that you have love. To give, then you must accept. Enjoy your fruits while you can.

Archangel Michael Channelling