Revisiting The Universal Code™ channelled by K

Last Updated June 27th, 2013

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Revisiting The Universal Code™ channelled by K 2005

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An early morning vision on 8th July 2009 brought Archangel Michael and Archangel Raphael beside me, one on each arm. We floated through the celestial galaxy chatting, as if we were out for a stroll.

I thanked them both for being my tour guides and asked, what do we need to tell the world in our newsletter this month?

We hovered, it seemed, as they both talked to me. Archangel Michael saying, “it is time again to talk about the Universal Code.”

I had the pleasure of channelling the Universal Code in 2005 from God Himself; today, it is to be brought to light again. As these words are said, please know that Archangel Raphael sends them through the Ethers to heal each and everyone of us. “With love, from your Celestial Angels.”

The Universal Code™

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• Be true to ourselves and others with pure feelings.

• Encourage each other to be the best we can be.

• Support each other with love and kindness.

• Forgive each other.

• Always speak the truth in everything we do.

• Admit we are human with weaknesses.

• Respect the fact that we all have differences. Remember we are unique and precious.

• Don’t gossip; it creates negative energy with our lives and relationships.

• Make your life and others a priority.

• Live by this and your are truly blessed.

• God be with you.

13th of July 2009 - part of K’s conversation with God. (He asked me to include this in the newsletter.)

He (God) says, Many of you are hung up on the word, God. I have a relationship with you, because you are Mine. Let me spell out My name, to make things easier for you…

G.O.D. – Guy Overseeing Direction G.O.D. – Girl On Demand G.O.D. – Guy On Demand G.O.D. – Gift Of Doing G.O.D. – Guide On Demand G.O.D. – Google On Definition, or Google On Description (He laughs at this one!) G.O.D. – God Often Divides G.O.D. – God Offers Direction

Did you know that the word God, spelled backwards is D.O.G., and we all know that D.O.G. is man’s best friend!

Come to Me…

I am here.”

- God

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