Jesus Christ Channeled Message for Easter 2011: Peace

Last Updated June 27th, 2013

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Jesus Christ channeled message for Easter 2011 PeaceFor Easter 2011, I asked Spirit to give me messages so I may leave you a worthy one for Easter Sunday. While going about my morning routing, Jesus Christ came into my mind. Then I heard His word… "PEACE." I immediately thanked Jesus; however, I continued my interaction with Him by saying, Yes, I understand, peace. I asked, But how, Lord, do we truly understand this word, peace, when so many people don't commit to it? There is so much anger in this world that does not allow peace.

His reply was P.E.A.C.E.Phase > Evolution > Attracting > Cultures > Everywhere.

These words kept playing in my head. I pulled the dictionary from the shelf to understand the word Phase a little more, as I understood the others quite clearly.

The dictionary stated… Phase: "a stage in progress or development of something." I smiled and thought to myself, how clever you are Jesus to start the P.E.A.C.E. acronym with this word.

We are in a Phase, a stage of development of something; that rung loud and clear in my heart. We know this as 2012 approaches. Now we must act on it with understanding and put our self-development into practice. Now even more must we understand the rest of His words. Evolution, well that is inevitable for we are souls built to learn and grow. Evolution is obligatory mastery of one self. Attracting, as humans we are attracted to many different things. We are individual, unique and awesome in so many ways. This is not about beauty, but it is about our light and our true vibration. I felt from Jesus he was asking that we must vibrate at a higher level or our fate (or if you prefer, reward or outcome) will be a high price to pay. Cultures, well this is us, living together sharing experience and values to improve each other. No where else in our galaxy can we find a world like this. So all of the cultures, races, and practices we should embrace not condemn, accept not just tolerate. And last, the word Everywhere. If we had PEACE everywhere and with everything the world would only vibrate to the ease of peace. With ease in one's life, each one who loves has a greater opportunity to radiate love, for loving all things everywhere is an understanding of maturity in one's being.

I now understood what I have put pen to paper for. Quietly I sat, invoking Jesus in to my circle. Chanting his name with honour. It was not long before I felt again the presence of Jesus Christ.

Jesus spoke again… "I was born a man so I may walk the earth understanding life in two worlds. This walk was hard but filled with many discoveries of man. My heart was in the Heavens yet I lived here in this world. It was my path to bring the two worlds together for you. My words were heard, my actions watched and I proved I was man, for I bled for you. I was a Master, yet a man also. I experienced all that you can experience. That time was different to now, yes, yet nothing was left unturned. As you walk your path I walk with you. We are the same, equal and built for life's experiences of choice...

  • In pain there must be hope.
  • With faith there is a plan.
  • With love there is always more and
  • With hope there is change.

Peace comes from determination, commitment, and pays a healing price. Before I died I achieved all of these things. Anyone who has watched another die before them can testify that the individual desires all these things I speak of before they leave for Heaven to meet their Creator.

Your Heaven is not one place, as you have been told and know it to be. It is of many places. A resting place for some and other worlds of new life for others. What you achieve in this world decides where you will go next. Life is easy, my people, but your choice of directions at times will and will not serve you. You are the Masters of this and there is no school except life to learn it. You know this. You have been taught of this before you were born into this world.

Walk each step in Peace. Guide each word to all with love. Gather together in holy places, not a building but your heart."

There was for a moment silence and bright light. I knew Jesus was there, he was allowing me time to take this all in. In this message I felt loved and a powerful light encircle me. Through my heart I asked Jesus to forgive me for my times I have failed to walk my path, carrying only lack instead of my gifts. I asked Him to help me walk my path with more ease has He has instructed. And as I spoke my last word to Jesus His hands rose up through the stillness I was experiencing and a gift was given to me. The word 'Acceptance' was placed on my heart and in my head. I was delivered by Him with love - a joy I can keep.

Jesus spoke again… "TESTIFY to Love."

Hmmm, testify… give evidence, swear that something is true. I understand Jesus, thank you. I today, testify to all that Jesus is LOVE and are so are all of YOU.

Blessings, K

P.S. - In this last week, I have been blessed with Jesus in my work. Throughout this time He has held my hand and those of my clients. We have walked this road together. Now I have the understanding of truth, we are not alone. We are not waiting for Jesus to come again, He is here already with us now. Lift your hands up and pray. Thank Him that He loves and cares for us always.

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