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Archangel Michael Channelling by K - on Google

"Welcome, my dear ones to another year. As we sat above in the heavens high, on the fringe of our realms where we belong, we watch many of you celebrate with cheer and many weep with sorrow.

We ask that this year you think of what you can do to heal the world; Heal a situation in your life. We have painted so many pictures for you, yet you refuse to see. Today, I come to you asking that if the picture in front of you is of no more value to you, then change it, start again, or simply throw it out. I refer to your issues in your life right now, this very day. All of you are worthy subjects, if you do not feel this then you have been tricked. Do not listen to the one that is negative, listen to the ones that speak of love and for the future with happiness.

In the next 3 months, we will watch your world more closely as the cleansing must begin. Your leaders have been fools with power, with ego power and also what you call electricity. Some of the strong will fall for they have not risen to the occasion and the weak will rise for they are the humble. We are calling on the servants of God, are you one? We ask for a commitment today. We will hold out our hands to lead you, but you must follow, not as a lamb but as a lion who claims his courage and understands his position in the jungle. Your jungle is your work place, your home, a family member and a friend. And maybe, if you would admit, in your own heart with sorrow.

We laugh at all your new year's resolutions. Many of you will fail. Today is the day, please to be true and real to you. We are now asking for you to treat your body as a temple; we are concern greatly of your ill health's. We are coming into the "change of vibrations", a higher energy than before where you will move quickly through your world, which you need to handle NOW. These energies are at a higher frequency. We need you to hear us and each other more. Telepathic skills now will become stronger than ever before. Mind now what you think. Many of you are aware... However, lack the knowledge to access its true worth. A clear mind and a healthy body will allow your soul to visit home and us more. You need to visit with us, it is necessary for we wish to combine the worlds. We are what you call a 'back stop' and please use us all as much as you can. We will direct you in every way with safety and love.

The food on your planet has become an issue. As you know, many children are coming into this world not tolerant of your food and fumes you have allowed. They are the clues to how to change the process of food and life. Many serve just the ailing one in the family, yet the whole family should change to the new. This (special) child comes to you so you can be the catalyst of change, not to be dammed as so many of you feel.

Centuries ago, the human race lived on less. They worked harder than many of you do today and they lived to be old. You must all learn to work smarter not harder. This stress you have developed in your world and your body is of your own doing not ours. This is where will tell you, the people in charge must change. It is not going backwards; it is timing in developing a better way. Your mind must be more pure, remove the junk you continually pour in to it. It serves no purpose at all.

Sugar is now your enemy. How many of you suffer from cramps and sweats? Remove it and see how quickly the body will feel well. Your scientists are working on food pills. There is no need for this as you will find that life will be less enjoyable. The body will repair. It has been designed for that, but not if you continue to poison it the way you do.

Ah, yes and I have been reminded about your gyms. Mostly, it is for the hope of meeting another, not about the health itself. You twist and strain that beautiful piece of machinery, for what? Many of you do not succeed... You give up too quickly. An instructor that yells at you to push you harder is not worthy, and if you do not consider that your body is a beautiful piece of machinery, then take a hard look at what you did (in the first place) and work out what can be changed. There is no success when a man can work out three times a week, but then goes home to abuse his body with alcohol. Or, the woman who has had a not such a good session so comes home in a foul mood, taking it out on everyone around her as well.

A walk in fresh air will serve you more with the flow of oxygen flowing through your veins. The blood will pump to even the body's weight, and the gentleness and ease with peace begins to take over the body to allow a new look, within and without as well. I have abs because you have painted me this way. There is no need for me to do a thousand bench presses. Many of you are fixated on the look, yet you will not heal what is inside. Heal inside first and the outside will blossom in a quick rate. Your sun is changing rapidly and more care must be taken. Enjoy it while it lasts as there will be a time when indoors becomes a haven.

Many of you ask for love. We can and will deliver but first let go of old and past hurts. It is as easy as that. When you lived in this world above, where we live, you did not complain and lose faith. You lived with Grace... So today will be the new beginning. One that holds many secrets that you know. You just need to go within and open that door again too for show. Each and every one of you are now going to be on judgement row. The questions we will ask you: Can you be more than you know? Each soul has been blessed with eternal love and freedom within. Why would you not take that and believe in yourself you can?

This year is about declaring you can have more and there is a world to continue in. Many of you will find your spiritual gifts will raise to unbelievable heights and many will loose them for you have been the fraud that will now be exposed for all the wrongs. Cells must be formed to help and work together. You call it networking in your world, but we call it finding home. Look for your people you align with and rejoice in the change it will bring. It is time to remove every unhealthy situation within your life, for it serves no purpose except introducing you to hell. The darkness has began, and the Light must prevail. We need your help now, please step into the Light. We are your consciousness so get ready to hear and see from us more. Please learn about us as we have learned about you.

I wish to now address you of a serious matter at hand. Many of you have allowed the darkness to step in. There seems to be a lack of responsibility at times. If you are one of these, then change quickly for you are whom will fall fast. The world will always cater to good and bad, but only you who make the right choices can change this command. If you do not know where to start then seek what is in your heart. Remember, you came with all these tools and now must use them again.

Honour is missing in this world, trust as well, and falseness when it comes to feelings. You all ask for so much, yet will not give. Can you do more, always! Can you learn quickly and change? Always. Can love heal the poison within one's heart? Always. These are the things we need you to feel. It's up to you!

For the next 5 years, this is your purpose to serve one another in greater love. Yes, we are aware some of you will take only baby steps and others will run like the wind and win the race well. Understand that when situations in your life are finished it is not always a loss, instead it is another door opening to create a new path for more. Do not mourn losses. Say thank you, I was blessed. Do not talk behind each others back, but bless each other. If you have no kind word to speak then do not speak at all. When one complains, it creates a larger vortex to return to hell. Can there be a better way to communicate, yes always, as you know. Call yourself on your actions and words. Ask yourself, can it be delivered a better way? I will always remove the swords you carry dug within you. I never get tired from your call. But there is a better way. Please follow us today.

To all who have lost love ones, the heavens are filled with arrows of love being sent to you. Some have moved on into another lifetime, but many are still here watching over you. These arrows are formed in long stem roses, but each of you will smell them in a different way. Perhaps the smoke he lit up, or the glass of champagne she poured. The cry of a baby in pain that is no longer in pain anymore and the bark of a dog or the laughter of a friend. They are all here watching over you because they can. If you do not believe, then find one who can prove it too you. If you do not you will be left behind and your loss is greater than few.

Watch the animals and young children as they come into the world. They will bring magic with them, healing tools stronger than before. They have the next blueprints that this world must see, listen carefully to them all, and watch what you can be. Care is to be taken now. Life changes will happen before your eyes and gratitude must be given, for this will heal the world. Dare to be the advocate. Dare to change your path. Dare to live the life you wish. Dare to be all that you can be. Please, please understand the word death. It is not a loss but a new beginning. You mourn, yet you should celebrate that the soul now has a new path. You are eternal, living again and again. It is truly a beautiful process. Everyone who has left this world is not in pain but love. Their light is bright and believe me please, they are truly well.

I will say good bye now, but only for a moment for time does not hold like in your world. We say thank you to the one who writes for us. She is named 'the laughing one', which we and you will all agree. We love her smile that can be infectious. This is the better free drug this world needs to allow. Join her and smile today. Learn to love, laugh and be whole.

-Archangel Michael and the Council of Twelve."

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This is beautiful K! Lots of important messages here!Monique Ouellette

I just found your sight and I LOVE IT!!!!
I am a lightworker also but sometimes need reminding myself to stay on the path. Thank you for sharing.
Blessings, Michelle

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