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God's People, channeled Oct. 2010

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"We will call ourselves, "God's People." We are a group that come together as one. Each of us is different in age, colour, and character. Some are female and some are male. Yet, there is a balance amongst us as we sit here in the higher realms.

Our vision for many is to succeed, but first foundations must be laid. Truths must be spoken and responsibilities taken. Everyone in this world is an individual, yet you form groups as we have knowing you belong. What is asked of you now is to answer the following about yourselves: Do you belong to this group? Are you the leader or the follower? Should it be a group? Can you add more or remove some? Are you learning or teaching within this group? All of these questions relate to how you walk in this life.

Many fluff the words, "Love and Light." We know who is truthful with this and who is not. There is no use deceiving yourselves any longer. Steps are being taken to make you all accountable now, not just for when you get to Heaven. Life is such a mixture now. But, many elements are missing. We ask please, start collecting again. Some have thrown away things that should not have been through away and others keep things that they have no business keeping. Do not try to be something that you are not, unless you are ready to change. Behind your closed doors, we see your truths. Do you?

Some think that life is a game. It is not. Great planning and discussions happened in the Heavens with you before you took on this life. We urge you to wake up now and walk with us, your friends and loved ones; we did not leave you, just moved on. With many, we left examples of how to live. With many, we left memories to shape you. Because of you, life lives on. Aren't you pleased of what you have achieved? Jesus took time to know himself before he set out on his journey. You are all to do this also. He was a man, a human, just like you, and so, there is no difference. Yet, it seems this man, Jesus, stayed with who he was and what he must do. Many of you don't walk like he did even though you know you should. Please, be the best you can be and then the best to another. The world was meant to live this way and now needs to come back together. Be blessed - you are. Claim it and walk your talk with pride. Make the difference! Be an example to others. Shine the Light you all came from.

Thank you. Hear our words."

- God's People

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